Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perfume? Tea? Me?

Now, we have dinner scheduled back at the hotel for 8 p.m. (we tried to convince the Tour Guides that we just ate at 5:00 and would not likely be hungry for dinner tonight, but they already set it up and it was too late). I am already really tired and want to go back to the hotel to rest up and dinner is the last thing that I want to do.

On the bus back to the hotel, our Tour Guides, let us know that since we have a couple hours before dinner, we have an opportunity to go to the state sponsored "perfume store" which is really 100% authentic essential oils. We were supposed to have that opportunity when we were in Cairo, but too much was happening and we needed to be rested for our work at the Pyramid and Sphinx, but this is something that I really wanted to do. To be able to purchase pure essential oils that I could use in my business--how exciting! So tempting to go to sleep, but I don't know if and when we will have another opportunity to buy them so I am going. There is a group of about 12 of us that wanted to go to the Perfume Store.

The bus drops us off and brings the rest of our group back to the Hotel. We walk into this fancy building (much nicer than most buildings you see in Egypt hence state sponosored). They bring us into a middle room where there are all kinds of fancy bottles along the walls and in the center of the room. Really could spend money just buying the bottles.

Seating was all around the room. So, we were instructed to sit down as they had a presentation for us. We all took our seats and I sat between Kamala and Sopdet Ra. They offered us a complimentary drink. They offered us mint tea and quickly we recalled our experience with dark black tea with mint leaves. I suggested, could we have boiled mint? They looked at us like we were nuts, but they boiled mint for us. Apparently, they are wondering why on earth anyone would want mint leaves boiled...but I have to say to all of you...if you are ever in Egypt...ask ..they are so fresh and so delicious you don't really need anything in it except the hot water.

Then the presenter begins telling us about the "chakra perfumes". He apparently knows that we would want to know about them...our Tour Guides were amazing at conveying just what we need. So as we sit there on the benches that are in a u-shape around the room. Then in front of us to the right is this area where like 6 people are sitting. I felt like we (the tourists) sitting there for presentation were like live television for them. It was crazy funny. So imagine, that you are sitting in your living room and to the right of the television is a group of people just sitting there watching you as you watched tv--that is what it felt like. Now all of us were completely tired, delirious from not sleeping the night before and just pure giggle happy. Sopdet Ra and I couldn't contain our laughter. I swear we were "Egyptian Tourist television"...they just looked on at us like they were watching tv.

The presenter came around with an oil (perfume) for each chakra and told us we can put it on the we put the crown chakra oil on first then, the third-eye chakra oil and boy were we getting high. (Everyone laughs at me because I have never done drugs and truly do not know what it is to be high as everyone else knows what high on drugs is...but believe me if you have ever been high on energy you know what it is to be high.) I was floating all over the place; truly high on the oils...those of you who know what it is like to use essential oils in your practice will know what I am talking about.

Meanwhile, they bring out the tea in glasses,yes like a juice size glass. You know it is small, see through glass which means it is hot and very hot. We could barely hold it in our hands. The "boy" (because he looked like a boy) begins passing them out...and gets all nervous especially around me and Sopdet Ra. So the presenter carries on in description of oils and chakras. The he gets to the Sacral Chakra and says this is the oil you need to use "Ylang Ylang" to get you excited. We start giggling like crazy because thus far as you know I haven't needed Ylang, Ylang to draw male attention. (Meanwhile, over in the box seating where the rest of the people that work there sat and watched us, I saw a man honing in on me.) The poor "boy" with the tea gets too unnerved walking by us he bangs into the table and knocks down our boiled mint tea..."Noooooo I thought in my head someone finally got my mint tea right. Don't fall over." Thankfully, tea fell over, but it wasn't the three of us.

So to bring you to the point of why were giggling we had been putting the oils on all our chakras with the exception of the last three chakras (lower body chakras). So, the guy got all nervous and says "go ahead and place this on your sacral chakra, place this on your root chakra." And we were like, really? I felt like a teenager in highschool in a sex ed class. You have to imagine being awake for about 30 hours as this point, little to eat, high on these oils...we had no choice but to feel all giggly. That placement of oil is not something that we should or would do in public. Laughing hysterically, we all put it on our arm.

Now we finish with the presentation and we are welcomed to "test" any other oil we want to. So we find out that the group of people over on the side "watching" us are salespeople and they are to come over and "work" with us. Guess who came to work with me? Yep, the man honing in on me from across the room. (Truth be told he really wasn't a bad looking man, but really? I must have looked like crap after not sleeping and being windswept on a boat not to mention my eyes must have been bloodshot at this point.) So, he puts the pressure on by hovering over me as Kamala, Sopdet Ra and I decide what we want to purchase. Kamala, my Arabic Speaking Angel, tells him to step away while we decide--he did for a whole three minutes. When he came back, he was very interested in what I had chosen. Each of us is brought to the "register" which is a telephone, calculator and credit card machine (in American we would think shifty--in Egypt we think technology! hahaha). I finally get to pay (the last person to pay). They go into another room to fill the orders. They go to a separate room to pour the oil you purchase into a glass container, seal it tight with extra tape for travel and then box it. Each person pays their money and gets there stuff, but not me.

Then, I am taken to the other room where the orders are being filled (I pulled Sopdet Ra with me) where they are packaging the oils (again I was apparently the last person to get their order filled). Kamala came in and got hers and left. Sopdet Ra gets hers and is ready to go...I am pulling on her shirt saying very clearly (DO NOT LEAVE ME. DO NOT LEAVE ME.) He (the salesman who is the owner of this plac) likes me and wants to keep me. I would hope date me not keep me, but it felt more like keep me. He decides to have his people fill my request and he wants to give me a gift because he can. He knew I liked the scent of Isis so he gifted me with a one ounce bottle. And, he told Sopdet Ra she could go because she had her stuff...he wanted to tell me a story. So I said oh no she will wait with me. So he gifted her a one ounce bottle of Isis just for being there with me. (Lucky her, huh? Who knew my magical beauty would captivate this man? lol)

So he wants a picture with me...and I am not sure he wants a picture with my camera--=I think he had his own he was ready to go and get. He tells me to make sure I put on Isis tomorrow since he now knows we are going to the Island of Philae and the Temple of Isis. He says the oil will bring out the Goddess Energy in me even more. He says that if I wear this oil, I will feel the power of Isis and Osiris. He tells me the story of their love and; the unwavering faith and love Isis had for her beloved twinflame Osiris. With patience, love and faith, Isis was able to conceive a beautiful child, Horus who went on to rule Egypt. For more information on the love story of Isis and Osiris go to and look for the following article: Isis And Osiris: Defining The Power Of Love
By: Mike Greaves (Read more: (There is no need for me to write it here as it was already written by many. )
(great image I found on the internet--love it from

Now in telling me this story, the salesman didn't know the impact or the full effect of his words. I think he was telling me on a 3D level as a flirt thing...but on a 5D level he was speaking directly to my was a love story that touched my body, mind and spirit. The faith, unwavering love I have for my beloved twin. The interesting correlation to the chopping up of Osiris and the literal piecing of him back together is really interesting as I connect it to the "pieces of the soul" that must come back together healed to make a soul complete before it can unite with its other half so to speak. It also brings to my mind the balancing of the masculine energy with the feminine energy. The male energy has been the stronger influence on the planet until recently when there has been an influx of divine feminine energy--we need both to balance it. But even more we need the female energy to help the male energy...hence Isis bringing Osiris back to life. She helped him become whole again and then they were both together welcomed into paradise--the full reunion of the twinsouls? It made me think there was something I needed to pay attention to. Okay, what a beautiful moment I felt as he spoke.

Meanwhile, I am holding onto Sopdet Ra as this man spoke and I quickly became aware that we were the only ones left in the store. The man wanted to keep talking with me (I didn't really understand what he was saying because he was speaking in an Arabic accent...and it was heavy and unclear to me most of the time, but he really did try). As I write this, I feel bad because I did judge him harshly being a man who was interested in me (but on some level that is flattering, but I think I may have gotten enough flattery for now).

So we escape the store and get on the bus and we laugh because I didn't need ylang ylang to attract a man or get my sacral chakra open. Apparently, mine is wide open and experience at the store can be summed up: The owner offered: Perfume? Tea? Me? hahaha.

So we have dinner back at the hotel, meet in our circle which by the way I LOVE!!! Then we get to go to bed...AND...remember my concern with the room's cleanliness? I have since decided to sleep fully clothed, including hat and gloves too. (We didn't have heat in the room either!!) Isis we are coming tomorrow. It is a big day ...we are being initiated at the Temple of Isis into the energy of the Divine Feminine Isis. So it is good night for now...


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