Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arcturian Pendant

After the Papyrus store, there was a jewelry store for us to go into. I thought I would take a peek and see what they had. Everyone was looking for a cartouche which is your name written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I just wasn't pulled to that. So I walked around and saw this pendant that pulled me to it. I mean really pulled me there. It is the only piece of jewelry of its kind. I mean the whole design was not Egyptian. I asked how much it was and they told me and I thought no way. I walked away. Then Carole and I walked around the store. I showed her the pendant and she said, "Ra'chel you need to buy it. You will go on the whole journey wishing that you had. Go ahead and buy it." With that, I gave myself permission--it is not like I will be back here again. This is the picture of it...

Now I will skip ahead for the moment to the last day of my trip when I channeled my Arcturian Brothers and Sisters. They channeled to me that this pendant was there just for me. They asked me to recall the case and remember what was in it. There was nothing slightly resembling this. It was waiting there for me to pick up. It was something that as time goes on I will connect as symbolic of my Arcturian lineage. How cool is that? I wear this pendant almost constantly and I am loving it. Amazing energy and loving the star shape which is what I am thinking they want me to pay attention to.

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