Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Island of Philae Part Two: The Escape

So here we are trying to tour the Temple of Isis so we can "feel" the energy and take pictures of this magnificent place. Still being closely followed by this man,the tourism police or just an annoying man following me, one never knows, but he was still following me. So we thought that maybe if we take his picture that would be enough for him to leave. (Of course, we tipped him for that--it was like saying hey thanks for following me is your tip. NOT!)
Ironic, he was standing on the other side of the gate in this area where we walked to that was enclosed, so it looked like he was in jail...hmmmm such humor the Gods have!

Finally, we were able to get into the building of the Temple (able to get away from that man for a few minutes--I mean it was like he was looking for me when I disappeared he kept looking). In the back of the Temple, there was a room that looked like a place where rituals were performed. It had a stone altar and if you touch that altar, the magical energy that flowed into you was incredible. Everyone felt something there until a guard came and told us not to touch it. So, I let go of the altar table. Stepping away, I moved over into a corner in this room, and asked for help from Isis because I had my emotional meltdown just a few minutes earlier(you know the crying bout I had because of all the male attention I had experienced in the last couple of days--it was just so overwhelming just a few minutes earlier). I asked my guides and Isis to help me to put up an invisible shield around me. (By the way, I had been asking for that invisible shield earlier, but it was not working.) Then all of a sudden like magic , I saw a wrapping of gold light come around me from head to toe. I could feel it like almost a suit of armor was wrapped around me. It was like I stepped out of time. Before, I knew it--my friends said it was time to go and leave the room. It was a small room so we needed to leave it and allow others to come in. I walked out and that guy that was looking for me...walked right by me as if I was not there...Jean and Carole noticed it too. It worked...OMG it worked!! I was so grateful and felt so much better.

Now, it was time to gather back near the beginning where we much for getting the opportunity to enjoy the temple. I finally get a sense of comfort and it is time to go.

We were watched very carefully by all security there. I feel like security was on high alert that day from us all being there. I mean how could they not feel the intensity of 33 lightworkers? Our presence was known if not consciously on different level it was clearly known. I wonder if wearing white had more to do with the color of white. I know that Muslims wear white when they are on a pilgrimage and wonder if that had something to do with us drawing so much attention.

The whole experience while magical at moments was a bit unnerving for me. I certainly did feel the presence of Isis there. Was just glad to leave the Island. The boat took us back to the port where our bus was waiting for us....not that the walk through the market was uneventful because again we were getting slammed with a market and offerings of camels, etc. What can I say? All in a day's work?


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