Monday, February 21, 2011

Kundalini Rising

After the vision of the priests and priestesses in Kom Ombo, I continued into my meditation. I sat for a second wondering if that was real, but I didn't have time to stay and question because then I felt my energy get pulled a little deeper.

As I got pulled a little deeper into the energy I realized it was the kundalini activation that Solara An Ra and the P's talked about. They had mentioned that we would experience a kundalini activation (kundalini rising from the base of our spine up and out the third eye). This temple and its energies have been known to activate kundalini as depicted by this wall display of a cobra.

This would be experienced by us seeing a snake rise up or feeling a snake rise up within us. (Okay so, when we talked about this on the bus before arriving to Kom Ombo I have to admit that I felt really uncomfortable with that thought. I mean I know in spirituality that a snake symbolizes kundalini and spiritual wisdom; however, in my personal dreams a snake is symbolic of something sneaky and sly occurring around me or something harmful. So needless to say I have always been fearful of snakes.) And here I am, feeling this energy beginning to come up from the base of my spine and I felt completely calm and okay and not worried about what will happen. It continues up my spine and I begin breathing in colors--mostly purple and then I see my third eye as clear as day looking right at me. Then, the energy began to calm down as I brought myself back to the present. I started to feel the cool breeze and I open my eyes to see a bunch of people from our group in the same area. It was so incredible and nothing to fear.

I was a little "high" on the energy, but the reality is that on this trip I was always "high" on the energy not really noticing it as being different like I do when I am home and feeling "high on the energy". After this experience, it was soon time to walk back to meet up with the group, but first I took a few more pictures of the things I wanted to capture. This picture is of two men cleansing the one man in the middle as if in preparation for the rituals to take place.
Who would think that these wall carvings would be so well preserved, but they are. It was truly incredible. Here is another wall carving depicting surgeon's tools.
Historians say that this shows a skill in the field of medicine even back in ancient times. Is that the case? Or is it that these tools were used for ritual? I wonder...I mean a lot of information that historians have put out there is a bit inaccurate. I am sure there are some accuracies, but I am also sure that they don't have the whole truth as they were not "seeking the truth withihn", now were they?

We then made our way down the Nile back to where we met the rest of the group. Not before stopping to enjoy the view of the Nile before meeting the group.


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