Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Papyrus, Isis & Osiris

After Solara finished giving messages to us from her guides, we had the rest of the day free to relax. (Now mind you, we have been going and going and going so having that free time was necessary and awesome!) We had lunch and then there was an opportunity to visit a Papyrus Museum (another state store). Not everyone wanted to go so only some of us went. I was kind of waffling on whether to go or whether to get more rest (because I certainly could have used the rest), but when I heard that papyrus may be a lost art in the near future due to the building of the Aswan Dam, I decided I was in. The Aswan Dam was built to control flooding along the Nile and saved the region from flooding; however, unfortunately, it is preventing Papyrus Reeds from growing abundantly and has impacted this industry tremendously.

The Papyrus Museum was another amazing looking building (it was a state sanctioned store so it is much nicer than most buildings we drove by in Aswan even the hotels) they did this really interesting presentation about papyrus. It was a great presentation on how they make the papyrus. Did you ever hear about it? I totally loved it. I think I will remember that for a long time so if you want to know...ask me...I can tell you. Papyrus is the paper made from papyrus reeds and then they handpaint beautiful designs and images anywhere from scenery to Egyptian Mythology. They explained how you can tell it is an authentic Papyrus and how it is not. (Of course, there is no way that I could go there an not buy Egyptian Art, I mean I am in Egypt, right?) After the presentation, we were given the opportunity to walk around this fabulous place. The building that housed the papyrus museum was large and beautiful and there were hundreds of different pictures to choose from. One was displayed on the wall with a number and then in the back they have the one you would buy.

At first, I wasn't sure what I wanted. I did love the Goddess Nut Papyrus. (Just so you know how to pronounce it--it is Noot not nut! hahaha) It was extremely beautiful because it depicted a blue sky with stars on it--amazing! Then, I knew exactly which Papyrus I was looking for.
I was searching for a papyrus to tell the story of Isis and Osiris. Their love was epic and her faith was unwavering. It made me think of my love with my twin and how unwavering it matter what, I have faith in our love. As I walked around, I couldn't find the one I was looking for with Isis and Osiris. I asked for assistance to find the picture I was looking for. The story that the perfume guy told me from the night before and having just visited the Temple of Isis was fresh in my mind. I thought it was funny that they only had this one. It is a picture of Isis and Osiris entering Paradise. And I saw it and heard the name of it and I knew immediately that is the one. Isn't that what it is with twinflames, paradise? Well, honest answer is no, it hasn't been and it isn't yet; however, that is what it is when both twins remember and come together fully.

See, often in twinflame relationships one remembers and the other does not. In my experience with my twin, I really believed he remembered before me. I mean I felt something immediately, but I kind of ran away because it wasn't what it was supposed to be at least not what I conceived in my mind for it to be; but he remembered right away. His spirit spoke through his human mouth the following, "I know I am supposed to love you, marry you and have children with you in this life." (yes, in this life is what he said.) And then long story short--he forgot again. The story of me and my twin will one day be written. Before, I go too far off on the tangent into the twinflame oddysey, I will remember for the moment I am writing about my experiences in Egypt.

This picture to me is an ultimate representation of twinflames. Isis represented the twin who remembered who her other half was even when Osiris was killed and hidden from her. Her undying love, the search for her husband and the belief that she could breathe life back into him. If you look closely, this depicts Osiris as he may have looked pieced back together. (If you remember the story, he was chopped up into pieces by his brother Set and Isis searched and searched for him not letting it go knowing one day she would find her beloved. When she found him she pieced him back together(except one important male part--interesting...hmmm)and breathed life back into him. This is why she is represented with the key of life, the Ankh, as she is also known as the Goddess of Life. The connection for twinflames in this picture is more than just the unwavering love and faith Isis had for Osiris, her twin; it was also the "piecing together" of Osiris. Before coming together, twinflames piece together their past lives, heal them and are prepared to help their twin to come to them more fully. The pieces they are putting back together are the many "lifetimes" they lived apart since their creation and all that needs to occur for their full reunion.

(Several years ago, I was out hiking with a friend. After the hike, I sat and did a meditation and a friend was there with me. I was describing to him all that I had seen. It was this beautiful woman coming my way as she approached closer she asked me to open my hands. I put my hands our with palms up reaching. She placed something within it. It looked like a funny looking key. After, I came out of the meditation, my friend laughed at me and said you need to brush up on your goddesses. That was Isis and she just gave you the key of life, the Ankh. Wow...and boy did she because after that I felt the power to make my life more beautiful.)

I did purchase a few other papyrus items. Here is one that I plan to have framed and placed in my office. Nature always speaks to me especially birds, rocks and trees. This particular picture stood out to me because it had lots of color (which I love) and the birds in a tree.
My shopping trip turned out to be happy...I am grateful for the experience.


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