Monday, February 21, 2011

Back down to Reality for the moment...

After this completely amazing experience at the Temple of the Crocodiles, I realized before we walk back to the bus that I needed to go to the bathroom. We walked down the sidewalk past the beautiful Nile. It is so much more incredible to see in person, but for lack of a better way to show you the is a glimpse of the Nile outside the Temple of Kom Ombo.
So I felt really high on the energy again and well the bathroom experience brought me back to reality which was probably not a bad thing as the last time I left a temple experience feeling all high on the energy--I slipped down the last three steps of the Great Pyramid and hurt my back. (by the way, still is a little achy.) After waiting in line for many of us to use the bathroom, I get in there and there is no toilet paper. (mental note--make sure to bring your own toilet tissue when traveling through Egypt) And, as if that was the worse, the bathroom again was disgusting. So, I tried, but couldn't go--okay perhaps too much information for you, but it was a real problem for me. My bladder was like no way are you going here so I opted to wait till I got back to the bus (opted is really not the correct term, my body wouldn't allow me to go is more the truth!). Meanwhile, in my head saying prayers to the Gods to please let the bathroom on the bus reflect much much more cleanliness than the one at the temple. The bus bathroom wasn't so bad when it wasn't moving. (as you well know if you have been following along in the blogs there is something to be said about the driving that happens here.)

Now I am on the bus, sitting with my journal and writing my experience. It was truly an incredible experience. I am so excited about the rest of our journey. It still feels like quite a reflective time for me. I still feel quiet not like the April I know back at home in the US--not like the April many of you know back in the US. So many feelings are swirling around me like mad. The energy here is so fast and so furious that there is hardly any time to process or digest it so it keeps me going on full swing ahead, but wondering when and if I will have a moment to just allow it to filter through me...or the question is when?

We are on our drive to the Temple of Edfu. This is the temple I have been so excited about going to since I saw it on the Itinerary when I booked my trip. Temple at Edfu is dedicated to Horus, the embodiment of resurrection. In Egyptian mythology Horus was married to Hathor - every year the priests travelled with statues of the God and Goddess between Edfu & Denderah, celebrating their 'Divine Marriage.' So this temple is also know as the Temple of Divine Marriage.

If I am to receive anything about my twin this would be the energy in which I would receive it, right? That is what I was thinking. I couldn't wait. I was in anticipation and excitement. I couldn't wait for us to arrive there.

So did I see what I really saw in September 2010? That is the next blog will tell of my divine marriage with my beloved twin.


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