Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...the essence of your very soul is LOVE...

Last week I had a terrible headcold and I didn't sleep for two nights in a row. The second night, I lay there thinking what the heck is wrong when you are sick you need to sleep. Instead of honoring what my spirit knows to do, I fought it the first night and tried to make me sleep with no success I must say. Even into the next day I found myself squandering my time and languishing in feeling icky rather than do what I know to do. So the second night, I found I went to bed and slept an hour and woke up; this pattern kept happening until finally at 3:30 in the morning on October 1, I decided to get the voices out of my head and sit at my laptop and channel for a period of time and then I was able to go to sleep. Imagine that? It really was that simple, stop resisting and do. So I went to sleep the rest of the morning and never read the channel until two days later.

Now many of you have read my channels--they are always beautiful and loving and signed love your angels or love a specific angel. Well, this channel is a little bit different. It was a little more harsh, to the point and signed by "The Lords of Light"; nonetheless, beautiful. You will see as I am pasted it below for your eyes to read:

October 1, 2009

Dear Children,

We love you and are here for you. Now is the time to stop sitting on the fence. So many doors are now opened. It is a new day in this place you called earth. Do you not hear our voices calling for you to see clearly? Live healthier. Make choices that are new for you. Choose differently than you once had. It is about the beauty of what is here on earth. We are the ones who are to show you the way. Listen closely as we impart the wisdom of the ages. We laugh when you think of earth as being so young when the very existence of your souls are much older. It is with light that we shine upon you a new message of hope and love and understanding. Your children are different. You question if your child is different. Yes your children are here to usher in a new age. An age where freedom of choice is just that. There are no longer the chains of the past; these children are able to see beyond the veil you humans have created over the lifetimes that you have lived and walked on this planet. For these children are what you have been waiting for. You have asked for peace on earth and you shall have it if you wish? What do you really want? Do you really want the change as you so helplessly call for? Or are you really looking for us to show you more of the same old way in a new way? Do you prefer not to make the decisions that were once a blessing and allow others of the old energy to channel for you what path you must take next? What is it that you want? Is it not clear? Have you bombarded your mind by what you see or are experiencing? Have you found a way to quiet your mind in this time and in this space? IT is about love. It is always about love and we have tried to show you a new way to love which is in fact the old way to love. That is without reason to love simply because you are love. We have brought forward the children of light to you to show you what you have done is not working. Don’t they just get in the way of what you have planned? Don’t they just stop you right in your tracks? IT isn’t to make your life difficult dear ones it is to make your life more beautiful than you have ever imagined. It is about showing you what you have dreamt of …PEACE. These children are here for you. They are going to show you that they will not take what you have planned out for human kind instead they are going to pave a new way. A way that allows each individual to be who they are. YOU HAVE BEEN ACCUSTOMED TO THE LIFE YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING, BUT IT IS NO LONGER WORKING IS IT? We have been here to teach you for many generations; some of you have heard and listened; some of you have not. The skies will show you what is next. Look up for in a blink of an eye you will see. It is time don’t you think to know that help is here with you? For now you shall find the peace you have been looking for. Just step inside yourself and see what we see when we look at you…the essence of your very soul…LOVE. You must take that step; for without it you will stay in the confusion, the fear, the pain and the frustration. The veil is being lifted we are showing you tools to navigate this new energy. You once thought sleep was for the dark nights maybe sleep is where we work and day light is when we enjoy the beauty of living. Look carefully at your choices and choose what must be; for you will know based on how you feel.

The time has come for you to be one with your spirit. Look within and you shall find all you have looked for.

Love the Lords of Light.

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  1. April, this is beautiful. Just what I needed to hear. Amazing how they know and how they use you.