Friday, December 14, 2012

Energy Thoughts: Just Like a Carwash

Hello Everyone,

This week’s energy update is late in getting to you, but it was started on Monday, but much has shifted and changed since then so I will take you through a really brief explanation of this week’s energy.

The time is now.  The time is here.  All is clam all is bright. Okay well if you are living in the vicinity I am in…the weather is gray and foggy (this was Monday when I began this report).    But internally, I felt a shift over night and it feels so good—I feel nothing—well really I feel NO THING which is to say I am in Neutral; perhaps balance with my feelings today.  I am sitting in the middle of it all and looking  over what is to be.  In two days from now a huge shift will occur and many will gradually experience it while others will feel the effects of it immediately.    The foggy weather may be mimicking what many of you may be feeling or experiencing right now.   Feelings of confusion, frustration, stagnation—not knowing what to do next, where to go, who you are  and what does it all mean?  It is a sign of the chaos that is within you, the churning inside of your heart and head dueling for “control”.  It isn’t about what is right and wrong in terms of others beliefs/ideas, in fact, it has nothing to do with the culture/society/religion that you are in—it has EVERTYHING to do with your SOUL’s TRUTH.    The confusion/frustration/lack of direction is not because you do not know.  It is not because you are unsure—it is because YOU DO KNOW.  It is because of FEAR that you get stuck/confused/frustrated.  If you are only allowing the truth in to you to come in spurts when you feel “comfortable” to accept it then you are not in the flow—you are trying to control it. Meanwhile, the “flow” keeps coming, but you build a dam (distractions and the like), but eventually it is going to break and things will “spurt” out now and again.   And dear soul friends, it is breaking!   (Now I am on Friday where I am finishing this report.) That brings us to the energy of 12-12-12.  The tide was picking up earlier in this week, but now that tide has risen; that is, the gateway/doorway of 12-12-12 has opened.  (Please see my blog or emails for more information about 12-12-12)  The so-called breaking of the dam has occurred and emotions will begin to pour out, changes will happen and shifting will/has taken place for so many and again as I mentioned “Now is the Time you have been waiting for” have the energy of the heavens on your side; this next couple weeks is optimum for you to step forward and learn to navigate the waters again (waters in this sense are your emotions/TRUTHS/experiences that make you YOU! The dam breaking is  showing you exactly where, what and how you are needing to make changes and plumps right down in front of you what your  deepest soul intentions are.

A quick thought on how to “ride” this flow is to come into balance or maintain that balance that you have.  The emphasis has been strongest on being in balance—in essence NEUTRAL. It doesn’t mean you are not going to feel things.  It doesn’t mean you will not react.  It doesn’t mean that you should not act/react/feel/live/cry/laugh/shout/scream/etc; however, it means no matter what stay in NEUTRAL by bringing yourself back into balance.  I keep getting pulled to an image of an automatic carwash, do you know one of those?  You are asked to place your car in NEUTRAL.  Think of a carwash---You are not asked to be in drive—no they ask you to place your car in Neutral-- so that you are not in control.   You are not asked to place your car in park so that you do not move forward, but you are asked to stay in neutral.  When you place your car in neutral in a carwash it does exactly what it is supposed to do and carries you forward; everything happens exactly as it is supposed do without any effort on your part with the exception to “surrendering” to neutral. 

Hence, there is nothing more for you to do at this time than to navigate the next days to the end of the year.  If you have placed yourself in park then know that the brake is going to be lifted and you will begin to move fast forward.  If you have been steering and driving all this time now is the time to let go of control and surrender to the divine.  The divine is in you and you are being navigated when you are in neutral you navigate smoothly, beautifully and perfectly for your soul.  If you notice something about the carwash—you still feel everything, experience and you do not miss anything…it is all taken care of and then you come out all sparkly and fresh.  Allow this process to unfold through your soul---that is your navigator and it will lead you exactly in the way you are meant to be led.  You will know when you give yourself quiet. My personal suggestion is that you give yourself quiet from now until the end of the earth year of 2012—take time each day to sit in stillness…that is where you will easily access neutral.

Love to you my earth soul friends. 

By the way---it is kind of nice to fell "No-thing" is way easier! hahaha

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