Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arriving at the Temple of Edfu

Here we are. We arrive at Edfu and look at that we have to walk through yet another market. I have to admit that having to walk through markets to places is a bit annoying. It wouldn't be bad if at each market, people didn't offer camels for me or say I have beautiful eyes or ask if I wanted an Egyptian husband. Really? I mean if I wanted an Egyptian husband I'd show some interest and if the people on the tour wanted to sell me for camels they would probably put up a sign and it would be 25 not 10 or 20. hahaha

Anyway, here I am at Edfu. We walked through the marketplace and then we entered some building and had to walk through there for security. Which again was just someone saying open your bags and place them on the table and walk through a scanner type thingy that beeped every time you walked through--shouldn't it only beep when you walk through and have a weapon or something? Also, shouldn't the bags be viewed? It was just kind of funny and weird.

So as we exit the other side of this building...I could feel it immediately the highest frequency vibration I have felt yet. Solara An Ra and her guides told us that the frequency was alive and well with Hathor and Horus here. It was truly incredible and I could feel it.

As we walked toward the entrance of the Temple, Solara An Ra had us stop and not gather in a circle. Instead, she was going to make it look like she was a tour guide. She is really funny--I love her personality. She channeled a message to all of us about what we were to do while we were there. The P's named off 12 of the people on our trip that have definitely been there to this place before which meant they had some healing and work to do there specifically for their mission. I didn't feel I was there before, but I did feel that I needed to be there. Our mission was to sing love into this place and walk the "light lines" that ran through this place. Our mission as the light tribe of 33 was to spread our light by walking the sacred geometry through this place. We were told it would be easy to tap into if we just followed the light lines we were drawn to. It was another individual/group effort there. Solara An Ra was so drawn to the energy she couldn't wait to get going and walk outside the temple that is where she was drawn immeditately. I just couldn't wait to walk inside so I did...I felt like I need to be alone to do my work so I made my way in ahead of the people I was with. I just felt pulled to go.

And so, my work began....

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