Monday, January 28, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Living in a Snowglobe

Hello Everyone,

Happy Snowy Monday in Connecticut.  I love this weather when I look out the window I see snow falling so beautifully down.  I have this large picture window and sit by it with a  cup of tea and look out at the snowflakes no matter how large or small they are…I feel like I live in a snow globe. You know those things you got as a child and shook up and let the “snow fall”.   This brings me to this week’s Energy Thoughts.

Well, those snow globes from childhood (yes they still make them today I know, but I don’t have one now…only had it in childhood.),  you can look inside them and watch as the snow falls on people, villages, places and things after you shake it up.  Appropriate analogy to what it is like when I leave my house for two reasons.   First I notice that people see me. I mean really notice me now. I feel like I am in a snow globe.  People stare at me not because of my immense beauty, but yes for my immense beauty too. LOL J   There is a “soul recognition” happening there.  So many more people are awakened and they can’t help, but look at the light of who we are.  Light recognizes light—just like the Namaste meaning of:  The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.    

So pay more attention…you may notice people looking at you like that…they are not staring to be rude or annoying, but they are staring because they can’t help themselves; and maybe you are one of those people staring. J 

I also noticed something else recently that everyone is kind of living like in a snow globe.  They are on display.  What does that mean you wonder?  It means  that the authentic self I talked to you about recently is servicing to the top.  Those people who have been hiding behind their “smile”,  hiding what they have been undergoing or hiding their truth is surfacing and on display so to speak.  WE can see through them:  it is no longer something they can hide—oh not because they are not good at hiding—it is simply because the energy is all about truth and authenticity.    Anything not in alignment with truth or authenticity is showing up; therefore, nothing can and remain hidden with those people living in light.  See how this will appear in your life and remember if you are on display—dress your best!(I find that running out in sweats and messy hair can’t happen anymore…too many people see me.)

Now onto a bit about this past weekend’s big, beautiful MOON!  I don’t know about you, but this full moon was incredibly powerful (okay, yes they always are!) –the strength of the moon knocked me on my butt this past weekend!  After feeling alert and awake with the New Moon on January 11th, the energy crashed back down to a bit of stagnation/contemplation in the past week.  Have you found yourself contemplating the what/how/where/when the next steps are?  The energy has been giving you an opportunity to plan.  That is what energy is about right now—it is about planning/creating/manifesting/building.  This Full moon brought with it clarity to the foggy, decisiveness to the confused and movement to the stagnant.  The full moon is helping you to see what areas of your life that need cleaning up and it is going to make you want to stay a sluggish for a little while longer.   (not so bad on days like these snow days…be patient all is in divine and perfect order)

So my words of wisdom to you this Energy Update is to use this time wisely to maintain your wellness/clarity/balance/calm because life will be picking up again in the next few weeks.   It is the time to plant seeds/nurture the ones planted/plan your next steps because when the sluggishness wears off you will begin to feel the earth moving under your feet again…at a much quicker pace.  In case you haven’t noticed, you may have felt hesitation and sluggishness the last week or so, but it hasn’t prevented time from moving at an all time fast pace. 

On a funny side note, I was guided to buy a clock for my home recently because I do not have one…the clock is there as a reminder that although I am an Arcturian Starseed—I am human too!   Sometimes being a starseed doesn’t lend very easily to being a human particularly at a time we have moved from the “old 3D earth” to the “new 5D earth reality”.   Oh and yes, the clock is also there to remind me—it is time!

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