Friday, October 10, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Let's Not Fight "It" Anymore

Let's not fight "it" anymore.  Got your attention now, didn't I ?  We all talk about fighting this ailment, this dis-ease, this cause, but when you fight, you get more fight, and perhaps more reason to fight too?  Since my car accident and the hell (so to speak) I have gone through to get  to a place that is somewhat manageable. (I have not shared my full experience with all of you, but let's suffice to say that at this moment--doctors/traditional medical care have failed me greatly, in many ways.  One day I will write my story to share with all, but right now I am in the recovering phase still--to write about it at the moment, would be a problem of reigniting or keeping me stuck in the emotional pain and turmoil that I have been through.  Right now, my plan is keep moving forward.) 

Back to the fight thought. I keep hearing people talk about "Fighting things", but what exactly are we fighting, especially with regard to our illness?  We are fighting our own body.  The body that has been created to be a self-sustaining, vehicle for what is to come What if, for the moment, perhaps we chose to embrace the disease/ailment/illness?  I mean our body is only shouting out to us telling us that something is wrong--that something is not working: physcially, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  When I think of how treatment and care is being handled in our healthcare systems, I think of it being an attack plan (and I too, have used those words), but let's not use those words anymore. Let's embrace the problem and delve deeper into the messages the problem/problems are trying to convey to us. Oh, you think it may only be a physical symptom?  Guess again, I've been listening to the body's wisdom for years: whether it be my own body which I have a perfectly wonderful relationship with (that nurture frequently) and the bodies of my clients that I have worked with over the last ten years. 

Being caught up in this 3D world that we live in, sometimes (if not always), we forget that we are made up of much more than this physical body that we are living in.  We have an energy field that carries our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies that make up/carry/transform/alter our experiences in this physical body.  We have emotions we experience, (yes, those things we tend to discount, not feel or suppress) that make up our Emotional body.   We have thoughts/beliefs/patterns/egos (ours or others that tell us what to do/act/feel/be) that get trapped in our Mental body.  We have life lessons/goals, past life experiences and missions to accomplish (or not) while here in a physical body that is held in our Spiritual body.  We have a physical body that has been created to sustain itself for the length of our stay here as a member of humanity and those things that we do to heal/harm (consciously or not) our physical body gets stuck in the Physical body.   While all of this is factual to me, and anyone who truly lives in the new earth energy/world of energy, often we are not aware (or choose not to be or don't notice) of those other attributes until something physical happens to us. (And even then, the physical body is neglected by Western Medicine, which primarily focuses on the physical body, often relying solely on technology not even the physical symptoms.) 

My wish for you is to look at your body and all the other components that make you up.  Those beliefs
about your self/life/relationship/career that you carry about without even thinking of them most of the time often show up as messages for you through the dis-ease in your body.  Perhaps you cannot discern the messages alone, (and maybe can't or don't want to) you are not supposed to that is what people like me are here for.  We see past the physical appearance/body of someone and look into their soul.  We work with your energy to clear/remove/transmute and even realign your energy to flow from the highest place possible.  This work is not a one time shot, (not to say that you can't come in for a quick relaxation), but rather, it is a journey to self discovery for you.  My job is to partner with you (your body, mind and spirit) to develop the appropriate path of healing for you, while providing you with information that is often overlooked elsewhere.  When I work with people to do healing sessions, I ask permission of their higher self to read them (and that can encompass everything!), then I begin to clear and provide guidance and energetic healing to them! That is only the beginning of their healing because then the feedback/suggestions/guidance I get from their Angels/Guides/Higher Self is something for them to explore.  Sounds difficult or time consuming?  Well yes, it is and can be!  It isn't a quick fix like modern medicine where they will often prescribe a pharmaceutical and tell you that you have this particular disease and will be like this the rest of your life, instead, it is about addressing issues in all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  There is no everyday one pill fits all --everyone's journey is unique just as everyone is unique.  

So again, I come back to let's not fight "it" anymore, let's embrace the message our body is sending to us because from there, only then can true healing begin. That is why I am here and others on the planet are here just like me to help assist you.  Listen to your body's wisdom because long before it appeared/pained you in
the physical body it was held in one of those other energetic bodies I talked about above. It you notice those energetic bodies have a lot more to deal with your everyday living, than something that just came out of nowhere.Try changing your perception from one of "fighting it" to one of "embracing it" and see what miracles can happen!

Embrace your body's wisdom with love and feel free to contact me to work with you. My mission has always been to help everyone that wants to heal and from the point at which they are ready to begin.   You will be amazed at what your body is telling you, and even more amazed by how it can begin the process of healing nearly everything! (if that is in your soul plan--and then again, why wouldn't it be?  I mean we are a divine perfect aspect of God, are we not? )

And so it is.
In love and light,

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