Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Empower Your Child’s Intuitive Nature

Archangel Michael always reminds me to trust what I know to be true in my heart.  It is often a very difficult thing for us to do when what we know in our heart conflicts with what we may experience outside of ourselves.  Trusting their inner guidance is a natural instinct for our children, but the problem comes from the messages children receive about what they think, feel and say by the actions of those around them.  The messages often teach children to doubt themselves and even more to ignore that inner guidance. The message is that children are often not fully heard.

In today’s world with so many hats to wear, I wonder how much time a parent has available to listen to their child?  Real listening means just that—no interruptions as your child speaks their thoughts and feelings.  We often want to fix their problems, finish their sentences or worst yet; we speak for our children not allowing them to express themselves.  Parents can be great teachers of intuition for their children by listening to them.  Learning to listen to your heart begins with learning to express yourself and feeling heard.

Children have even more pressure than we had when growing up.  It would be really useful for children to learn how to use their inner sense of guidance to help them make choices in their life.  You may be wondering, how can I help to teach my children to their intuition?  To empower your child’s intuitive nature, it is important to let them know that what they feel inside is what matters; here are some ways you can practice listening to your child:

  • Practice giving your child your full attention each time they have something to share.  The key is to be fully present as they speak.         
  • Allow your child to express themselves fully without interrupting them even if you don’t agree with what they have to say.  The key is to set parameters around how they speak to you; such as calmly and slowly.
  • Set up a “date” with your child for them to speak with you. This will alleviate the times that life may get in the way.  Perhaps before dinner or before bed.  The key here is honor their spirit by making sure you keep the date.
  • Teach your child to listen to their heart even if people disagree with them.  The key is that what they feel, think or know is more important than someone else’s opinion. 
  •  Lead by example for your children.  The key here is to make sure you too are getting fully heard as well. 

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to listen to them and let them know they are being heard.  I noticed recently that when I am talking with my friends we have gotten to be way too comfortable with one another that we fail to give each other our undivided attention.  I have been making a point over the last several years to be more present in my life which includes giving my undivided attention when being the listener in the conversation.  I have even gone as far as telling the person that I am speaking with to call me back when they have a more convenient time to speak.   Think about a time in your life when you have not been listened to; even as an adult it doesn’t feel good to not be heard.  Start listening today!

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