Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Yout Light

I was prompted by my guides to share today's Soul Star Healing facebook message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it. Today's Message: You are each a star into yourself. Your light permeates the world around you with the vibration of light. We ask you to shine proudly in love. If you are feeling anxiety, hopelessness, unclear or simply afraid to make the next step,please know that is not love that you are using to guide you rather it is fear. Step away from fear by acknowledging it and trusting in the grace of your self love to guide you. Your self love is the key that unlocks your ability to live fully upon this earth at this time. Your self love is the most precious gift you can ever give yourself. When you really love yourself, you continue upon your journey healing the many layers of yourself that have kept you stuck, hopeless, anxious and confused. "We suggest you view fear as a sign that you are ready to heal whatever it is you are afraid of; rather than use it as a motivation to not move forward. There is no reason to fear, fear itself. There is only reason to love yourself more." --The Masters of Light. The quickest easiest way to to love yourself is to love yourself. "To love yourself is to see the value in your indeliable being. It is not for someone outside yourself to see your love or value; it is for you to remember your love and value. The lessons which you have chosen to undergo in this particular lifetime upon your earth have brought you here."--The Masters of Light. My guides talk about this time on our planet being one of great transformation and change. It is clear that the biggest lesson for each individual upon this earth at this time is to love themselves for in doing so much power will come to them. It is the love of themself that fuels their choices and fuels the changes and transformation of this earth from one wallowing in separation and control to one of unity and trust. My wish for you today is to see you and learn to look at yourself with love. Love to you, EstaRa

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