Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: The Human Costume

I've been reading again. Always a good thing and thankfully, my flight to Michigan provided ample time. I found something I really wanted to share with you from Emmanuel's Book II: The Choice to Love. The following truly resonated with me:

"The sense of Self is distracted by what you have been taught are the necessities of human survival. You have worn these belief systems as part of your costume all your lives..... Your costume has become your identity. Every "mistake" you have been taught you made comes from the illusion that you should conform to your costume. YOU have never made a mistake."

I hope you hear this reminder. "YOU have never made a mistake." Each step a long your path truly is paved with opportunities for you to become more you. We are taught from the moment we are birthed how, what and who we are based on someone else's experiences. Our teachers being those within our immediate circle: being parents and extended family we interact with. Is it a bad thing? No, of course not. We chose our parents to experience just what they were ready to teach us (yes, even those of you who may not want to admit to it or own the responsibility for choosing the life you are living). They were to be our first teachers in this world. Some of you may be wondering why would I ever choose this? You chose this because the way they raised you good, bad or indifferent (depending on how you viewed it) was exactly what you needed to learn the things you came here to learn.

Those experiences paved ways for growth opportunities. You were not meant to hold those belief systems intact unless of course they fit you. If you are not "happy" living the life you are living, it is time to ask yourself: Am I conforming to what other people believe? Does this life that I am living fit my dreams and goals? Or do these dreams and goals belong to someone else? Each time you have judged yourself or someone else for the mistakes that you have made you are still trying to fit (conform) to those belief systems. For those mistakes that you call them are simply opportunities to break free from the costume you have been "donning" since childhood. Your job is to find that learning what you were taught is the fuel that empowers your need to discover yourself. We are meant to shine from whatever circumstances we have been given. The beauty of who you are is truly attainable.

Are you willing to shed your costume? Are you willing to empower yourself beyond where you are? Are you willling to shine your light? I promise you that if you do this--not only will you develop a new "costume", but your life will take turns toward what it is you desire!

With an open heart of love,

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