Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Trust in the Divine Plan

Good Morning. The sky is the most beautiful blue painted with whimsical white clouds that look like angels dancing in the wind. I had an appointment cancel last evening which worked out to my benefit because I got the opportunity to sit outside and read in the evening air. I loved it!! I don’t often get to do that so the first thing is that I am grateful for my cancellation. While I was sitting outside reading, I found a passage that really resonated with me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

The book is “Emmanuel’s Book”, the passage:

“How can we stop worrying about the ones we love? By trusting the absolute wisdom of each soul. Worry is distrust put into a slot that seems socially acceptable. If you say, “I am worried about my children,” everyone says, “Yes, of course,” and thinks you are a good parent. But if you should say, “I really don’t trust the Divine Plan,” what do you think the reaction would be?”

This passage really spoke to me because of what is happening on the earth at this time. My guides have been preparing us to stay in the balance and the love regardless of what is happening around us. As I read this, it was quite the reminder, but really hit home with the last part for me. I think for me this week, my new mantra will be: “I TRUST THE DIVINE PLAN”. That should cover about all of it.

This has been an important reminder for me with some recent events in my personal life too. I am grateful for the reminder—hope you are too. Trusting in the divine plan is by far one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself and the ones you love. It simply means you TRUST. I trust each of you to find your truth within you and I trust in the wisdom of your soul.

Be love,

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