Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heading back to Luxor for Our Last Supper

We are on the bus ride back toward the hotel. We just saw our last temple and that would finish our temple hopping—that is what I call this experience. It really was like we hopped from one temple to the next and the next. It was late in the day when we arrived and I was tired. Tired from the emotions, tired from the physical aches and tired from not sleeping well…I am just overall tired.

We are now heading back to the hotel for our last group dinner together in Luxor at the same restaurant we went to the afternoon we arrived in Luxor. Originally, we had additional time at the hotel to shower, relax and pack before we went to dinner, but surprise we don’t have that time. Well, it didn’t surprise me and honestly at some moments, I think it is best that we keep moving otherwise I may just get sucked into a crying jag and not overcome it. We have about 45 minutes to pack up, freshen up and meet at the restaurant for our last dinner together and officially we would separate into the three groups. Those of us on the sleeper train, those of us on the airplane and those of us on the “nasty train”. It turns out that we are divided evenly as a group for those three modes of transportation, but we are all to arrive at different times. Okay, off I go to pack my stuff…see you on the sleeper train.


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