Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Choose Love

I was reading again recently and ran across a question that the author of the "Emmanuel Book" had asked of Emmanuel and my guides shouted to me share this. I asked why? They said because this is what you have been saying, but sometimes humans need to hear it from more than one source for it to resonate with them. So here it is...

The question: Can you give me a mantra to use when I feel lost in my own depression and fear?

Emmanuel Responds: When, without even knowing the meaning of it, you say with every inhalation, "I choose love here. I choose love," You will see the light change and the darkness dispel. Your mind may say, "I don't understand what happened. All I did was sit here for fifteen minutes choosing love." Well, mind, that's all that is required.

Can you feel that? Even in the midst of chaos, emotional pain and physical discomfort, you can feel it. Try it now for just one breath and then another. How does that feel? Imagine 5 minutes of that a day? The magic would be yours to receive peace and love while quieting the lifelong drama of fear that one so often chooses. It feels really good I just tried it before I wrote this to you.

In love and light my dear soul friends,

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