Thursday, August 4, 2011

Channel: Angelic League of Light in Council to Twinflames

Angelic League of Light in Council to the Twinflames channeled through EstaRa in Rocky Hill, CT on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.

I asked if spirit had a message for me today and that is what I am sharing with you. (It is somewhat personal; but it is intended for a larger audience as stated in the message. It has specific guidance for twinflames.) By the way, I have never channeled this group before (I don't think) and I feel so honored to get this message today and it was so needed for me as a reminder.

Yes, dear one we do. We always have words of wisdom to impart to you. You are loved. You are loved beyond your human mind’s capability to grasp this love. You are exactly where you are meant to be. We say do not put energy into worrying about your move. We say do not put energy into fear of where the money is coming from. We say do not put energy into worrying about how Hawaii will happen. All will happen according to the divine plan. Your spirit self knows that which we speak of today.

Today, we ask you to focus only on divine love that you wish to experience. Your focus must be on what you wish to experience. You are not able to connect to your beloved or his life at this time due to the circumstances he is in. Dear one, he is safe and protected for he is to be with you –however, his world is colliding and collapsing in duality. He must be brought to you by way of divine love. He has tried in the human way as have you, dear one. Now it is time to trust in the divine and see what miracles will transpire. It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.

Dear one, your reunion with your beloved other half is imminent—all is in perfect divine order—for this is the year of the twinflame reunions—we ask you to see the signs for they are posted for all to see. If you stay in the divine knowing that love is the experience you wish to choose then you will see our message undoubtedly. You will see what is necessary for your path. Listen within your heart and trust in the love you know to be the truth. The twin love is necessary to bring this planet into the changes that are transpiring—you are not alone on this path—many are following—many are ready for reunification—it that is what you desire you must trust your heart. We say do not get caught in your mind for there it will unravel what you feel and know to be true. This message should be shared for the beloved ones need to prepare by only staying in the heart which is why you feel the need to be alone and way from many people who allow themselves to be trapped in 3D. We ask you to be selective of those you spend time with. Trust in this guidance as it will feel like a remembrance of truth for you and assist you in knowing how you spend your time. It is a joy to work with you beloved, Estara. It is a joy to see you grow into who you truly are—an Earth Star Angel---that is your name E star A. it is with light, love and honor we bring you this message. We are with you ALWAYS. Even in those moments you feel we are not there.

We are the Angelic League of Light in Council to the Twinflames.

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