Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arriving at Denderah

We arrived at the Temple at Denderah with barely enough time to see it. We had maybe an hour to visit the temple and do all that we needed to do here before it closed. This temple was built dedicated to Hathor and I could definitely feel the Hathor energy here at Denderah. It was so much lighter than Abydos and so much lighter than many of the other temples. As the Goddess of love, joy and music you could tell the difference in the feeling of this temple upon arrival at Denderah. Each step we took it was softer than any of the other temples that was the first thing I noticed here. It was quite a walk from the entrance gate to the temple itself and you could see it was becoming late afternoon at this point.

While I was still feeling really raw from the whole experience of this trip and the healings that were happening to me each night with past life memories, healing old wounds of this lifetime and many previous lifetimes, surprisingly because this energy was so light, I was able to hold back my tears for this whole time.

As we approached the entrance of this grand temple, there were six columns and an opening in the middle where it felt like there were these grand doors, but as you can see there is only this large opening to what felt like a courtyard. I feel like dancing or something took place here. We made our way through and to the back where there rooms were very tall and large and there was some amazing pictures etched into the stone that I was not able to capture because I didn’t take my camera out as it was getting dark.

We walked in groups up to the top of the temple which was like the roof with no roof on it. That is the only way I could describe it. Solara was looking for a place for us to come together in a circle where we wouldn’t get into trouble. The thing is we have been dodging guards at all these places because they do not like anyone coming together in a circle and it could cause our “Tour Guides” to get into some trouble not to mention us too. I didn’t even bother to take out my camera up here because it was getting dark and the lighting would affect what came out and truly we didn’t have the time.
To find our place to gather, we climbed many steps, but they were not steep like steps we know. They were flat and each step was like only a couple of inches high. When they created this they did like 12 steps and then it became a flat and then you turned a corner and up another set. I felt like in this temple there were more stairs than any other with the exception of the Great Pyramid. It was incredible how steps we climbed and on some levels we would see rooms off the side. I saw in one of the rooms we stopped to look in that the rocks had faces in them. It was really quite an amazing journey.

As we made our way up to this open top, it was like the top floor without a roof---It was all open to the sky with the exception of one room we made our way to. This room was enclosed and on the floor was a giant circle with the signs of the zodiac. It was definitely a magical room and we chose this to gather at first, but then the space was really not large enough for our group of 33 to fit around this room and the guards came and moved us. So we made our way out to this area that was almost like a room with a column on each of the four corners. There were no walls and no roof, but it seemed just perfect for our group even if just out in the open. So we gathered together in our last circle in a temple as a group on this trip. We held hands and called light into this time and space. As I stood there, I still felt quite raw from all that has been transpiring, but I was able to hold back the tears. It was interesting because as soon as we gathered here and called in the light, it was as if there was no one else around. I felt like we had become invisible into a new dimension. It was very incredible. I had still remained very much the quiet one on the trip which is by no means who many of you know me to be.

We were then left to visit the rest of the temple on our own for the next 20 minutes and then we were to make our way back out to the bus.
Love this little person so I had my picture taken with him, it made me feel tall considering these temples in size were huge. Okay so it really was a pillar that was broken and he was the top of the pillar, but right now he is on the ground so it made me look tall. hahaha


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