Monday, August 1, 2011

Whisperings of EstaRa

We are now sitting outside the Temple at Abydos waiting for the others to arrive. We are getting ready to have lunch at this little hut--yes that is what it looks like I have to say. It is an outdoor restaurant. We are sitting having some "boiled mint". No more mint tea here because we have found that mint tea is black tea with a few pieces of mint thrown in there so we have learned to ask for "boiled mint".

I am still in awe at the experience in the Temple. Our mission in this temple was to go where we felt we needed to be to bring light. We were told by the P's "Some may go in groups and some may go by themselves to different chambers to bring light." We were also guided to sing our name in the frequency there. Solara An Ra channeled that 22 of us had been in this Temple before and I feel like I was definitely one of them. Well, I know I was, but I wasn't there as April or as Ra'chel. BUT I was there as someone else.

About 6 months ago in July of 2010, I had done a meditation and spoke to my highest self and was given the star name of "EstaRa". It didn't resonate with me then, but today it did! We were asked to sing our name to activate our energy with the frequency of Abydos. I was walking through the temple, I was humming love, love, love and then I felt ready to sing my name. I started to sing "Ra'chel" and it didn't come out very well, but I kept hearing "EstaRa" in my head. Someone was calling out to me and they were calling me my name...I began to sing "EstaRa". My whole body began to tingle and cover with the energy. It enveloped my body. Oh my goodness. At this point, I was alone singing "EstaRa" it felt so right. What did not resonate with me last summer was somehow transforming my very being at the moment I was singing "EstaRa".

I haven't told anyone as of yet--it would be too confusing for me. I mean they are calling me Ra'chel and I am already April and to add a third name, really?? Oh my goodness. Anyway, there is a lot for me to digest today. I am EstaRa. I have to see how that feels and try it on at some point. It feels really good inside.


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