Sunday, September 4, 2011

Official Good bye to Scarab Tours

We just finished up our dinner and we are off to get to our train. We crammed our luggage in the center of the hotel lobby before going off to dinner. Not something we would feel comfortable doing in America, I mean we would be concerned that a our luggage may match someone else's and they may just have to take it home too! :) (okay so that was my poor attempt at a joke--I really mean to say someone may steal it!) We all met at the restaurant that we went to the day we arrived at Luxor. I was happy to be able to order from the menu because that meant no tomato sauce and rice. Woo hoo!!

It was such a pleasant gathering, but really sad at the same time. I know that most of us will see each other tomorrow, but it is sad to know that we are leaving Egypt and each other even though we are deeply connected at a Soul level. I love everyone that I have met so far and it is incredible to know that our connection happened so quickly over the last couple of weeks. I know that in my heart I will know them forever, but I also know that human life gets in the way and I certainly would hope not, but then again one never knows. We exchanged emails, phone numbers and addresses.

It was getting time to leave to catch up our bus to our transportation. I just found out that we do not have a tour guide that will travel with us. Oh my!! We don't? That freaks me out a bit no one speaks Arabic. Okay let's not get panicked. But, what if we miss our stop, who is going to come claim us? hahaha ...back to breathing I trust our guides (the etheric beings that have guided me along my way) to get us there--they have gotten us this far.

We had an opportunity to say good bye to Setep en ra and Wassim. It was really funny, I thanked them both. They really were tremendous light beings. They were helpful and so open to what we were doing. Who else would put themselves in the possibility of getting thrown into jail for their tour people? That alone should win them awards.

Funny story, when I went up to say good bye to Setep an Ra. I thanked him and gave him a hug. He told me that I was a beautiful soul and to realize that while all the men were trying to buy me with camels--that was real. (I had told him about my experience of the many offers to purchase me with camels since I entered the country.) He said when the Egyptian men are flirting with travelers they say beautiful eyes and flirt, but when they offer camels for you that is a serious offer. He said I should be honored. I laughed because inside of me I felt like I was horrified that they followed me everywhere, but I guess I am honored that some men want to buy me! hahaha

If we are doing the optional trips, we will see Scarab Tours again, but if not this was the last opportunity to say good bye.

I wish to tell my twinflame when I get back that even the men in Egypt find me to be a good catch. I wonder what he would think if he knew. I wonder if it would matter to him ? I wonder if he misses me. I can't help, but feel these questions inside of me. It is getting close to the end of the trip and I have to make a decision if I will call him. I want so badly to get off the plane and go directly to where he works and tell him that I love him and I miss him, but not sure if I should do that. I mean I know on an etheric level that he feels the same way, but 3D I don't know what he is thinking--we haven't spoken now in over two months.

Okay now, we got to go and catch the sleeper train..see you on there.


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