Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Call of the Crystal at Abydos

We are now back on the bus. Lunch as usual was not very eventful or exciting; however, it was something to eat and there was some cool parts too!! Being Italian and loving tomato sauce am quite amazed how much I am disliking tomato sauce on rice. That is all I seem to be able to get here and oranges. How much acid can one endure in their diet? I know they have bread (you all know by now just how much bread they have there), but I can't eat it to help balance the acidic foods...I am gluten sensitive and believe me I do not want to do anything on this trip that would make me feel physically in pain and hence that is what gluten has done to me.

Tears have been coming and going still, but not the flood gates like yesterday; though I think you can tell if you look at my eyes that I had been crying enough tears to flood the Nile here.

So anyway, we have eaten, I have used the bus bathroom which is by far the cleanest bathroom I have encountered on this trip with the exception of the hotels we have been staying at. Yes, imagine that I have developed a new standard in bathrooms...look out America cause here I come and McDonald's will not be my only "pee stop" I am no longer afraid to brave the less than perfect bathrooms. I guess that is the lesson Egypt is teaching me that and not to drink so much water. hahaha

I digress, we are on our way to Denderah now. But I have to tell you the story of my crystal. When lunch was over, the restaurant people had placed a bunch of quartz crystals over on another table for us to purchase. The mountain at Abydos is made of Quartz Crystals. Everyone on this trip had brought with them large crystals and really I didn't bring too many. Just a few that I had carried in my pouch including the one I had gifted to Sekhmet. Right after lunch we all walked over to the table to look at the crystals to see if we wanted to purchase one from the mountain. I saw many on the table of all different sizes. I saw large crystals and I wanted a large ornate looking one that I could use when I channeled like Solara An Ra had. She held these amazing crystals and it helped her connection to her guides. I was thinking maybe the larger the crystal the more connection I would have. So I walked over to the table and picked up all these crystals and felt nothing.

Then, there was this one. I immediately felt a vibration in my hand. I put it down and I really felt like it called me. I picked it up again. It wasn't the pretty one, but it was one that could be held in my hand and it picked me really. It was the only crystal on the table of many that called out to me and that I felt a vibration with. It was truly amazing.

I am holding the crystal now and I can't wait to go to sleep with it tonight.


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