Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eternal Quest for the Bathroom at Denderah

It was late day on our way back from the Temple to the bus and a few of us really needed to use the bathroom. I have to admit that while on this trip I have established that the bathrooms here in Egypt are quite disgusting and my threshold to dirty has become relative to the place I am in which allowed me to pee in places that were lesser than I would ever consider in America. That being said, I really don’t like having to pee on transportation things like bus, train, etc. And, just a preview for tonight—we take the “sleeper train” back to Cairo. So , I thought here are Denderah there is a little extra time for me to find the potty that wasn’t moving. I made my way with a small group of Jeanne, Meg and Carole to find the bathroom. We walked through the little village that is established outside of the Temple building itself so it would be considered part of the “park” at one of our monuments in the US. And, there were shops that were closing and shops that were opened trying to get our business and public bathrooms. However, to use the public bathroom there was a man at the door trying to collect money. Really? I couldn’t believe it. We attempted to go to a few before we finally found one. They were really gross, but then we found one that was lesser than the others. We finally made our way into one that they were only charging if we wanted toilet paper and well me the tissue queen (thanks Angels for making me sick with the flu before I left for my trip because that is what prompted me to bring so many tissues!!) had enough in her bag for each person with me. Of course, one tissue each, but it worked and we didn’t have to pay—though the man followed us out the door trying to collect money from us for just using the potty. I have to admit I won’t miss this. I feel really dehydrated on this trip I surely do not drink as much I do when I am at home---but I warn you…it is a good thing!!


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