Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 38 of 45 Day Journey

Hello Everyone,

I’ve had a pretty emotional past few days.  It has taken everything in me to go about my life without tears.  Yet, I feel so much magic in the air right now.  The energy of this Solstice has been extremely powerful and inviting.  It anchored a lot of new light on the planet—putting us into a ripe and ready state for transformation.  The energy of release is upon us in a way I have not felt in the past at the end of a “calendar year”. I emphasize calendar year because I remember many times in my growing up I felt September was the beginning of the new year…at first I wrote it off that it was school, but that was not the case.  Actually, I would literally see a calendar in my head—the turning of the page began in September—then when I began this part of my journey I started to see my connections to Judaism and then to the lunar calendar so for me to feel closure at this time is more powerful than ever.    That being said---lots of pain, loss, grief, exhaustion being released and more.  Do you feel it too? I know I certainly do—but again I say I feel magic in the air too!     We did some deep work yesterday and before we go onto the next step of the faith/manifestation exercise, I feel the word Faith deserves some more attention, don’t you?

The word Faith comes up to my awareness almost more than any other word.  The last several years particularly, and even more particularly with regard to my beloved twinflame. Oh I need to shake that lack of faith at times--and I wonder what the blocks can be? Hmmmm...  When I moved into the apartment I am not living in, I was given a wall decoration which is/was a quote about Faith.  So that is when I really started to pay attention.  What is it we are supposed to have faith in?  Faith in another person? Faith that the bills will get paid even when you haven’t the money?  Faith that time is on your side?  Just to name a few things that come to mind this morning.  

This one word has so much power in my life and keeps coming up.   I am sure it is coming up for each of you as well and if it hasn't or if you have not noticed, allow me to bring it to your attention.  I have to side note—the word trust has now become synonymous with the word Faith for me…so you may have that peeking in to your life now.

I was given a present a while back, a book called Eat Your Peas and I opened to a page today and felt this would make for the perfect snippet to share....the following is the quote:

"Having faith means it isn't necessary to have all the answers.  Imagine what life would be like if you had all the answers to life's questions.  Do you really want to know the outcome of every moment, every joy and every challenge?  Having faith in God/Goddess and faith in yourself means trusting beyond explanation and logic.  While faith is unseen, it can be felt in the heart--a safe and loving place.  Let your faith rest there."

I love this.  And believe me as I type this to you, I thought to myself that yes, sometimes I would like all of the answers so believe me I understand you thinking that too!   But the truth remains that when I have faith it shows me how powerful I can be. Having faith is a difficult concept only for those who live in their head and not in their heart centers.  I, like many of you, have trouble of maintaining the faith  at times especially when I have such an attachment to the outcome of something and/or when I am around a lot of other people who are not able to stay in their heart. Other people's energy can influence our own which it is why it is so important to stay grounded in our body, but also maintain our balance by using the spiritual tools we have learned along the way.   When we allow our truth to come from within  us, the answers are there and the miraculous solutions to life's questions appear.   I can truly attest to this especially over the last three years.

My wish for you is to have faith in that the one thing that you may believe to be truth even when it doesn't appear to be so.  No matter what keep the faith. Never give up on what you dream/wish/desire and most importantly do all the work necessary to keep your energy clear/clean.  As you all know I keep evolving, I never stop.  One of the more recent discoveries that I learned about living on earth at this time—is not only did we all come here at this time on a mission to be light, but many of us are catalysts to heal/clear/remove blocks, obstacles, patterns that your DNA has been carrying around from your ancestry.  For some if not many of us, our job is to clear out the lineages of our soul, geography and ancestry.  IT sounds like a tall order, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds.  But I promise you as you begin to move through some of this stuff—life that you have been living will begin to make sense.  So many of us have accepted what was sent out without question –here is a familiar phrase I am sure you all heard before: God only Gives you what you can Handle.  Well, I disagree somewhat with that statement—remember we are God.  We only take on what we KNOW WE CAN HANDLE.  Hmmmm..interesting perspective huh?    Sit with that one for a bit before going on with your day.  Oh and if you would like help with that kind of clearing—that is what I do, it is a newer aspect of my job and I would be happy to schedule a session with you and help you.  We can determine together what the best approach is.  The one request I have is to have an open mind and really being willing and ready to look at your stuff.

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