Monday, September 26, 2016

Channeled Energy Update from Arcturian Masters of Light

Quick Channeled Energy Update:

The energy of the past few weeks has created what appears as havoc in many lives on earth at this time due to the massive energies of Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse Energies and Equinox Shift. These energies have created a space for healing and closure of old paradigm energy. The planet and humanity is now readying itself to step into the new paradigm energy. With the advent of the Equinox, the shift has taken place and now we are dealing with the last vestiges of clearing, releasing and letting go of what is tethering us to the old energy patterns/beliefs/systems. (me: I don’t know about all of you , but I have been feeling the sense of urgency to “clean things up”.) There is an urgency dear ones, to put to rest to the things you no longer need and close out what you no longer want to bring into the new paradigm. Use the remainder of the month to view what has been surfacing for you. We ask you to do this from a place of observation first, then use the next 999 Gateway of September 27, 2016 to release those things.

The time has come that you are now in the navigating process of this new, upgraded light body. This past month was spent learning to navigate the new energy body and transformations that you have experienced over this past year. (me: it is like we are placed in fast forward.) The universal energy has been providing ample opportunities for closure so that you can explore the new timelines/probabilities that are opening up for you to act upon your soul’s truth. Changes are now taking place on a cellular DNA level as well clearing the pathways to soul's truth. Transformation is beyond what you can comprehend fully dear ones, but do know that it is taking place. You will look back upon this time as a new beginning. We know this is not what you are perceiving at this time. We ask you to trust in the source of your soul. Trust you are exactly where you are meant to be.

With love, honor and respect, we bring you this message. ~The Arcturian Masters of Light.

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