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Day 20 of 45 Day Journey: Fear of The Future

Good Morning Beautiful Beings,

Today’s snippet is about Fear. Recently, there has been a lot of uncertainty about the future and it seems to only be getting worse. While it seems all the things we have come to accept as a sense of stability are being removed and light shed upon them, the future and fear of the unknown seems to be taking hold for many. 

While that may be the feeling that is coming up, it isn't a feeling that has to last and stay with you. Everything is changeable. EVERYTHING! 

This  snippet "Being with Uncertainty" is taken from the Daily Om with my own interpretations, questions and tips for dealing with fear. The Daily Om information is contained within quotes.

Being With Uncertainty: Fear Of the Future

"Though much human fear is based on uncertainty, foreknowledge does not always ease the mind. It is often when our futures look brightest that our resolve crumbles and we veer off course. "

Do you recognize this in your life? Whether it is a personal goal such as daily meditation or a goal toward obtaining a new job? Does it seem we let go of working hard or being consistent because it appears that we will have what we want? Take a few moments now to look back at times in your life when you were so close to your dreams, and suddenly you started to change your patterns, and not necessarily ina good way. (Ever notice it is almost a form of self sabotage?  Did you know that self-sabotage is a form of misdirected self-love?)

"We can recognize that success is on the horizon, but we cannot discern how it will impact our lives. Because success can affect us in complex and unpredictable ways, taking us out of the status quo and pushing us into new circumstances that test our limits, the mere idea of attaining the life of our dreams can shake us to the core. Fear of the future is often closely intermingled with the fear that growing into your own potential will both change you irrevocably and force you to face situations that you aren't ready for. It is normal to unconsciously project ahead into the future and see success as a great weight bearing down on you. It is important to remember, however, that all the life changes the future will bring will be implemented into your life slowly and gradually."

This is sometimes how hard to recognize because it often happens on an unconscious/subconscious level.  But often with anything in our life, once we head in the direction of our dreams and really begin to remove blocks, the floodgates of love, support and light come in our direction making it possible for success to happen.  Now, it may appear that things are moving too fast, or too quickly, if that happens you can ask your  Angels or your Guides to slow it down and make it more comfortable for you...they can only help if you ask.  Don’t forget that this applies to your healing journey too!  So most people think of success associated with specific goals such as I mentioned above, a new job or a practice of daily meditation, but it has to do with your own healing journey.  Sometimes we can begin to clear out the old, outdated beliefs and it gets scary and begins to move too fast for us.  We often project out into the future that we want to heal, but underneath it all we are not quite ready to do the work. And hey, that is totally okay, but it is far less painful  to learn to recognize that about yourself. I often talk about removing layers when we are healing. Sometimes after several layers get removed, we may need integration time which could be days, weeks, months and even years.  It is completely unique to each individual. Think about different areas in your life where you get “scared”, again you may mistake that fear as if someone/something outside of yourself is triggering you, but trust it is your internal guidance system asking you to slow down. 

"When we visualize the future, we tend to focus on outcomes rather than the steps we will take to reach those conclusions. Thus, we may forget that growth is progressive. Your soul longs to fulfill its purpose-a purpose you agreed to in the timelessness in which you existed before your birth. Because of this, neither you nor the universe will set any circumstance before you that you are not capable of handling."

This is a good reminder when we are faced with life's obstacles...remember to breathe. And recognize that you ultimately are the creator of your reality.  And focus on the next step rather than the final outcome. Now this doesn’t mean you are meant to control the outcome.  But it does mean that you focus on the next step. So for example, you want to make cookies (it is the holiday times so I am thinking of baking)?  The first step is look at the recipe.  The next step is how many do I want to make to determine if you are doubling the recipe.  The next step is making a shopping list for the items you will need to buy.  (Notice I didn’t say the next step is to bake them? We can’t bake them if we don’t have the ingredients.)  And so on.  The point here is that there are steps to that which we wish to manifest and have happen in our life.   We can’t get from point A to point Z without B through Y.  Know what you want to manifest, know your goal, but bring your focus daily on that which you need to do next. 

"Fear of the future can paralyze you, preventing you from living in the moment and from working toward your goals in a mindful manner. The key to conquering this fear lies in awareness. When you can identify the irrational thoughts that frighten you, you can replace them with logical, self-affirming ideas."

Do you recognize your fears with regard to your future?  Again, future can mean many things to
many people: the new relationship that you wish to manifest, the job change that you are looking for, the thought of being physically healthy and able or others.  I remember a time when I had, had a car accident in 1998 and I was put out of commission for a long time—difference between then and now—I had proper care right away, I had health insurance from the beginning, I had a job that provided disability, etc.  (Mind you, I had none of that , this time around; I digress.)  Back to my point, I remember when I was working, I would get up go to work and literally come in the door at night, and strip on my way to my bedroom and go to sleep until the next day—that is how much pain and how tired I was because of the pain; then I would get up and start all over again the next day.  This was my norm.  Then I started all kinds of alternative healing things, including Reiki and boy did my life start to change. I started to feel better and I started to have more energy.  So I would come home and now stay awake until 8 and not longer in bed at 6; and then I continued to get better.  What was scary to me at first was, what the heck do I do with myself ?  My life was changing. I had gotten really comfortable in my discomfort of being in pain and not living; now here I was living. It was a little scary to say the least, but what is interesting is that no one would actually suspect that because why wouldn’t anyone want to get well?  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get well—it was that I didn’t know what to expect anymore.  That is when my life really started to change when I realized wow, I don’t have to be afraid—I can be excited for the future and anticipatory.  With all that being said, look at your life and recognize times and even now when you have fears coming up to plague you?  

What thoughts are you allowing in that fuel your fear? 

"If you are afraid that you won't be satisfied when you accomplish a certain goal, remember that no one achievement represents an end in and of itself. And if you fear recognition or feel unworthy, consider that even now you are deserving of praise.  Should fear of the future strike you as you strive to create, to excel, to grow, and to evolve, assert your courage. Assume that your fear is based on a false assumption and quell it with facts. Try to disregard past patterns and focus on the present by stilling the inner voice that comments critically on all you do. Tell yourself that the inevitability of your success is based not on luck or a universal mistake but on your already established talents, drive, imagination, and inner strength. Each time you overcome your fear of the future, you chip away at its very foundations. Eventually, you will clear a gap through which you can gaze upon the future with unhindered optimism."

In what areas of your life do you notice your greatest fears? What are the fears that come up? How can you alter that thought process?  Do you recognize patterns/behaviors/thoughts/discomforts that you experience or perform during those times of fear? If you don’t recognize them (we all have them), then it is time for you to start to pay more attention and become aware.

Some tips for working through the fear of the future:
1. Remember to Breathe. Always an important shift in your energy when you stop and take three long breaths in and out.
2. Live in the Moment. This will give you the ability to make decisions in the moment and not get caught up in the past or the will simply allow you to take life as it comes. (Not always the easiest one to do, but it gets easier the more you practice it!)
3. Simply live. When the fear creeps up, choose another train of thought, one which will make you smile and feel a little bit of happiness. It will raise your vibration and keep you out of the fear. Each time you practice this it will get easier and easier.

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