Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Call to Action for the Light

Happy New Year America,

It is time for CHANGE!!!!

I have pondered a lot over the last couple weeks with regard to what is happening in the world around us and how much needs to be changed, but I also know there are a lot more of us out there that are desiring/manifesting/creating the changes we wish to see, but I feel we must help one another by coming together because doing it on our own is not as powerful as when it is amplified by the many. My human/educational background is in politics and my spiritual background is in energy healing and clearing. We are in 2015 and we are literally reliving the same earthly patterns that have transpired over and over again across our planet and some are exclusively tied to the country of origin that we live in.  This is ridiculous at best!  Something that hit me really hard recently about why there is so much anger/hatred in our world towards other people of different religion/gender/race/path/beliefs—I thought to myself how can anyone hate/torture/kill/degrade another human being. (I am being kind with my words today.)   Why is it that so many are so violent and so willing to follow along with violence? I often channel/teach/explain that all we want as humans is to feel safe and loved; thinking about that, I realize that the reason people behave in such way is that ultimately—they hate themselves.  I know hate is a strong, passion-filled word, but it is a strong, passion-filled response so many people have in their life whether is from anger/resentment/regret/trauma/pain/suffering/guilt/shame/fear etc.  Ultimately, it is what individuals feel toward themselves either out of feeling inadequate/unloved/unworthy in the eyes of their loved ones/society etc., feeling unsafe/insecure because of past trauma, feeling overwhelmed by what they have no control over and feeling fear of survival.  Since I work in energy, I can tell you that most of this is actually part of the person’s experiences on the planet in this lifetime, but it can also be part of their ancestral karma/DNA, geographical karma (their ethnicity/culture/country of origin), soul karma—these are the patternings/behaviors/experiences that they have come to learn about/overcome/change and create anew.   With that being said, I believe it is our job, the people who are awake and aware on the planet at this time,  to step up and change/transmute/clear/release those patterns for all of humanity. It cannot be done alone and it cannot be done if we don’t all choose to be the light that we are.  Yes, it is one thing to shine your light for all of humanity to see in your individual-ness, but it is time for us to come together and stand hand in hand and walk together for truth/love/harmony/peace/balance/freedom for all inhabitants of the planet.  I believe we must start locally with our presidency in America.  I believe that there  is a revolution on the rise, but it need not be a fight/violence filled/chaos, as we have learned from our mistakes as humanity, have we not?  From a Spiritual Perspective we need more love, light and connection to one another.  From a Human Perspective we need more love, light and connection to one another.  Then how does that happen?  We stop letting the prevailing energy out there be one of anger/violence/separation; instead we accomplish this through peace, education, healing and by all means standing together raising one another up human to human.  In my new year’s message to everyone, I shared the following:

“We are the light we have been waiting for…it is time for us to speak our truth, lead by way of doing and join in the energy that is building the momentum of change in our country, our planet. It is our time to shine our light for all to see and share our love for all to feel.”   The only candidate I see for Presidency, that is about Healing the Earth, Uniting ALL, Uplifting ALL and Creating an America I am proud to be  a part of, is Bernie Sanders.  I know people say that he is un-electable (that is only Mainstream Media by the way), here is the thing--he is only un-electable if you don't vote, don't take part in this process and by all means don't encourage those who only pay attention to mainstream media to vote for Bernie.  If you think it doesn’t directly affect you and you want no part of this “political system” then you are sadly mistaken---from a human/physical perspective realize that as long as you live in this country you are held to the laws of this country you are in; and for those of you who are lightworkers, from a spiritual/energetic perspective realize that every bit of energy around you impacts you—no matter how much you personally clear you, no matter how much you personally clear yourself—the energy is still around you and as long as we are all energetically connected to each other (and we are!) we are always being influenced by that energy.   It is time to stop fear/greed/violence/anger/control and bring back balance/peace/equality/harmony.   I implore you to take a look at the presidential primaries and not only vote for Bernie Sanders, but assist others trying to get him elected in other states.  Here is the one thing I love about Bernie—he speaks the truth, but not the truth you want to hear, the truth that he has lived all of his political life.  Just check out the information for yourself and you will see evidence of his work—well before he thought about running for President—believe me with Bernie Sanders it is not politics as usual and it is not the time to stay in the sidelines.  We have an opportunity to create a real change.  Yes, electing Bernie is only one step, but it is a step to show the powers that be that it is time for change!  No more of the same!  

Thank you for listening to my words and please understand that my mission on earth includes the changes here in the physical dimension of the United States.  Please help me with my mission.

EstaRa April

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