Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Miracles

I started to write this snippet yesterday morning, but then my headache overcame me and I ended up feeling pretty sick. But before I went back to bed, I posted on Facebook a request for healing and prayers and I got my miracle. I woke up this morning feeling 60% better which is a miracle because I believe it could have all been worse.

Anyway, onto the snippet:  Yesterday, I woke up and did my morning routine and at the end I pulled a card for the day for me.   I pulled the following card:
. Then, I sat down to write my daily Facebook message from my guides on my Soul Star Healing Fan Page and it was:  Miracles are abundant in your life, if you choose to see them: for every breath is a miracle, every smile you receive is love, every truth you feel is love and every truth you express is the miracle of your soul.

So the theme of Miracles appeared twice, but as if that was not enough, the universe was going to make sure I got it very clearly so I picked up Emmanuel's Book III What is an Angel Doing Here?,  when I was about to have my morning tea and I opened to a page on miracles.  It was truly beautiful because while I know those were messages directed to me about things I am hoping for in my life.  The truth is that I think that is the theme for this year, the year of 2013.  Not only will you begin to see the miracles in your life, but you will begin to see miracles happening in all aspects of life in every day and in every way.

From Emmanuael's Book III:

What is a miracle?

It is the natural flow of Love's power.  It is the Angel present upon the planet Earth.  It is the Love that you feel in your own heart.

A miracle is mind's definition for Love's natural capacity to be. 

The mind sets up boundaries of reasonable expectation and declares, "This is the natural order." 

Love enters and knows no boundaries.  The presence of Love, which is indeed the only reality that exists, takes all of mind's careful planning and simply blows it to bits. 

Mind has determined, "Reason comes to this point and can go no further."

Love does not even see the barrier.  When Love crashes through mind's familiar understanding of how things "ought" to be, mind can only cry out, "That's a miracle!"

"No," Love answers, "that's just the way I am."

My wish for you is to see your miracles!

Love to you,

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