Friday, December 18, 2015

Channeled Message: Responsibility for Peace, Happiness & Love

Good Morning Dear Ones,

My guides led me to this previous channel from December 2012 to share with all of you today because we are nearing the Solstice.  It is pertinent to what is happening now in your reality, the earth’s reality and it is vital information for us re-visit.  

Channeled Message from The Galactic Federation of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Sunday, December 16,  2012.

Dearest Ones,

We are with each and every one of you.  We know that this time on your planet exposure to the darkest energies exists; however, dear ones—exposure to the brightest energy exists as well.  It is a matter of where the focus gets placed.  Your earth is at its tipping point.   It has the potential to tip in one way over another; and yet, we wish to tell you that your humans are tipping towards the light.  These last acts of darkness will only prevail if power is given to them.

Many things will transpire over the next thirty years of your earth time and it is the responsibility of each
 human to determine which direction they wish to take the “new earth” in.  The responsibility for creation, magnification and destruction is by way of thoughts, beliefs and decisions.  While it is a collective responsibility to make manifest what you wish and desire for the earth; it starts with the individual taking responsibility for his or her actions, beliefs, thoughts and decisions daily.   If each person upon earth chose peace, happiness and love to be their focus each day then that is the vibration sent out.  Know that even 10 people who do this have multiplied the light quotient by 10 upon the planet.  It does not mean all darkness will be gone, but it does mean there will be less of it available to grow.  We do not assume or imply that it is easy to do at this time or in any time upon your earth as it requires vigilance to stay in balance and focus to stay in peace, happiness and love—but we tell you that each day that becomes the focus then each day it gets easier—each day solutions to problems appear—each day what is not in alignment with peace, happiness and love will show itself—it will make clear what needs to be viewed and worked through.  You may think that is a bad thing with light is shed upon darkness;   but dear ones, how can you change what is –if you do not know what is in need of change?

We ask you to stay in your heart and connect to your soul to know what it means to bring, to be and to live peace, happiness and love and maintain that focus.  It is not something decided in your head, behind a desk or in a group—it is something that is decided or experienced individually by way of how you carry out your day to day life—it simply is a way of being and living.  Now we wish to address that the same ways of creation as noted above remains true even if you focus upon fear, anger, unforgiveness and violence then you would make manifest that in your world as well.

We’ve mentioned many times to EstaRa through conversations and channels with her that sensitivity is her gift—as it is for humanity too!  It is the gift that creates change.  If you become numb and immune to life and your experiences;  then you seek and need experiences that  will make you feel—that is the increase in intensity that you are experiencing in your human world at this time—everything must be more intense in order to feel—more violent, more sexual—the extremes have to occur to make you feel—but dear ones a large part of your shift in consciousness is the shift in your sensitivity—you will feel if you have not already felt and experience a breaking open of your heart chakra center –that is, the walls of immunity that you have built will begin to crumble and you will begin to experience life  differently.

As EstaRa has often pointed out—if you are numb or immune to what it is you are doing what is happening around you or what is not happening around you then it is time for a change.  EstaRa is correct in her statement for you can no longer be of service to yourself, humanity or the earth if you numb; therefore, you are no longer present in your current reality.  Your job upon the planet is to be of service to all through your presence of being. (I asked my guides to clarify being “Neutral” as they suggested in last week’s Energy Thoughts from being numb/immune)  We tell you to stay “neutral” (balanced).  That is not to say that you do not feel happy or sad, pain or pleasure—it is to say that you allow yourself to feel the feelings as they come up, but you do not allow yourself to get caught up in the emotions. Yours or others!  Emotions are expressions of your feelings which are interpretations of the stimulus around you.  In staying in balance (We use the word balance interchangeably with neutral), you are able to hold the space for the peace, happiness and love for you; however,  more importantly you develop more empowerment (personal power) and can hold that space for so many more souls upon the earth at this time that are not able to.  We know this is not easy to do individually in your lives, but we do know that it is possible for you.  We ask you to support one another through these times; those individuals who demonstrate strength and have been strong are not able to always be the strong ones—you all must be the strong ones as you all must be the weak ones.   We use the words “weak ones” lightly for we do not see any of you as weak—in fact we see you as strong, powerful beings; we simply use the words to distinguish that there are times you may be the supporter and at other times you may be the supported.  It matters not which you are when—it simply matters that you know that you and others are and can be both.

Once again we wish to bring you back to the focus of love, especially during this gateway of time you are in.  It is so important now five days from the Solstice to hold that space of creation in love, peace and happiness for the energy is supporting what you hold.  You are each loved, honored and respected for your journey—it is paved in light with detours along the way to create the world and experience your soul truly desires.

The Galactic Federation of Light.

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