Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

I was blessed to be invited to celebrate Hanukkah with some wonderful souls and delicious latkes--oy they were good!  

As you may or may not  know, I don't consider myself any one specific religion--I truly believe first and foremost I AM part of everything. I AM part of all that is and I AM  all of it:  we are all one and connected to all that is--so to me there is no separation.   However, I was raised Catholic; but since "reopening/awakening" several years ago, my soul has called me back to ancient roots of Judaism.  I began to study Judaism and boy did the floodgates open as I began to recall many past lives when I was Jewish.  My SOUL remembered who I really was and where my soulroots lie.   I remember the first time I went to a Synagogue, after I "RE-Membered"  I started saying the Hebrew Prayers (sounded very much natural as the people around me commented on it) like I knew the prayers.  I even felt "my wings" open up wide. It was the first time, I felt my "wings"...I felt larger than life.  I felt alive with the ancient language of Hebrew--that's when  I knew I found the language of my soul. 

So I celebrate everything that is part of me which is LIGHT, LOVE and PEACE.  This time of year, I do, celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas as they both resonate deeply within me,  and, I don't feel complete if I celebrate one without the other. 
Tonight will be the second night of is a picture from my Menorah last year on the second night of Hanukkah.  The flames are uniting and make me feel the union of the twinflames is imminent. What a beautiful reminder of the miracles in my life.

During this Festival of Lights (Hanukkah), I light my menorah each of the eight nights of the holiday in honor of lighting the way of peace, remembrance of union, miracles, faith, trust and love.  The miracle of Hanukkah was that of light lasting beyond when the darkness "should" have taken over.  Let this holiday be a reminder for those who are Jewish and those who are not that just as the light was the miracle then---so too is light the miracle NOW.  Shine your light, my beautiful souls on this journey,for that is who you are.  As you shine your light, let the way of peace, remembrance of union, miracles, faith, trust and love be your truth so that you too will see the miracles coming your way. There is no requirement to light a candle or to be a certain religion/person/thing for you (each of you)  are the light and the way. 
Happy Hanukkah, my friends.

My wish for you is to shine your light.

In love, peace and light,

Hanukkah began last  night...

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