Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 21 of 45 Day Journey: Channeled Message Be Present

Good Morning,

A message from my guides:  

If you are feeling sad or unhappy, what are you thinking about?  Are you in the past ? Are you worrying about the future?  Be present dear ones, it is important to stay in your center.   When we say stay in your center we mean be present in this moment now.  We mean come back to balance dear ones.  Balance simply is knowing how to come back to your center when you feel off balance.  Many people miss interpret balance to mean they have to juggle it all, but dear ones it simply means that you know how to come back to your center. The center for you dear ones is knowing that you are in the moment and living in the present.  Far too many of you think you do this already, but if you pay attention to the thoughts you allow into your human mind, you will see dear ones you will see that you are not as present as you think.  It can become a constant struggle for you to stay present or it can become a natural state of being. It is your choice—it is always your choice in how you view what is happening around you. 

It is with honor, love and respect that we bring you this message today.

We are the Masters of Light.

This message from my guides brings our awareness into paying attention, noticing your thoughts, focus and energy.   They are emphasizing true balance bringing you back to focusing on the present moment. 
My suggestion for you today is to pay attention to your thoughts, what is in them?  Where are you placing your energy and focus? Are you experiencing life as it happens? Or are you planning for it to happen, or even more are you thinking ahead and not being present in the moment you are in or present with the person you are with?   Or do you focus on life turning out the same as it always does?  It is important that you touch upon  this question in your life for that will be your answer to why things are the way they are in your life today. That will be your answer as to your question of happiness.  We can’t change the past or the future, but we have the power to change the present.  If you are living life on automatic pilot then you are not present---running from place to place—going through your day to day routine, or even if you are talking on the phone an baking/cooking that is not really living present.  Do you know how many people I speak with on the phone that do not give me their undivided attention?  You would be surprised even someone I am supposed to do a reading with is too busy doing other things at times.   Often times, I am in my car driving and talking on the phone which I doesn’t make me fully present, but so many people have expectations of my time.  Recently, I have cut back on that because I don’t want that. I enjoy being fully present, but let me tell you nothing is more frustrating to me when someone is not present with me.   And, don’t get me started on texting/cell phones while you are out with someone or visiting with someone.  Technology has taken us away from being present and has created a McDonald’s type of life—fast food, fast life that moment to moment is lost.

This kicks up all kinds of thoughts for me.  Like we are so devastated when someone dies, but did we really value the time with them when they were here?  I mean really make the time to be present with them?  This is something I think people should ponder and look at for themselves.  I do readings all the time for loved ones that have past, and often these are the people that had a truly beautiful connection to someone, but sometimes there is regret, pain and suffering because they never had the opportunity to say what they needed to say.  AND yes, I know people have fears/blocks/discomfort in sharing their feelings, but I believe if we learn to live fully in the present and from that point of reference (not the past or the future) I really do believe that saying what we feel and living how we really wish to be is that much easier. And if blocks are still there, then it is time to clear your life of those blocks.  Really look at what is keeping you from living fully. 

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to get to know my parents as people not just as mom and dad.  So back then, I would take a day trip or an overnight trip with them every year—I did this until my car accident (and hope to do that with them again now that my body is getting ready).  I have been present with my parents and I have gotten to know them as people and love them as people—they are pretty amazing. I also got to spend my time with Aunts and Uncles—sisters and brothers of my grandparents.  My mother was an only child and we were really close to her family growing up and I enjoyed spending time with them. I learned a lot and am truly grateful for all that I learned.  These are moments that I will always treasure and value--that is what memories are made of.  

I often feel sad for people who have never gotten that opportunity to really be present with one another, but you know sometimes I wonder, do they even know what they are missing?   Take some time  today to be present and aware of what it is you are thinking/feeling/focusing on by consciously breathing.  Sometimes we go about our business and never breathe.  Oh we know that it is a great tool, but it is also one of those tools that reveals for us some of what is going on; and that we sometimes have resistance to.  If you take this exercise seriously, then you will have some amazing revelations of your patterns/thoughts/behaviors etc. And, if we really hear the message from my guides, then we are really live!

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