Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tidings of the Season

It is the holiday season and I know plenty of people struggling and it appears that it is getting worse especially when you live in poverty everyday.  The fears grow and get unbearable at times.  If we stay quiet and away from all that pain and suffering, we think it doesn't have any impact on our life.  The proverbial if I don't look or get too close to it--I'll be safe.  Here is the thing--we are all so interconnected and if you don't think pain and suffering affects you personally--think again.  Every feeling you experience is not just your own--it is amplified by the many who are feeling that same feeling at the moment. 

Here is a little snippet from what I wrote on Facebook today:

Hello Everyone,

Today I am frustrated! Since my car accident, I have struggled to get proper care, struggled to get food on my table (my diet has eliminated several foods that I am allergic too-- I need to avoid them) and struggled to get rent paid, not mentioning the many other things I struggle with--not one day goes by throughout the last (nearly 3) years that I am in the just barely survive list--I say barely survive because my needs are truly not met. I feel blessed and grateful for the friends that surround me who have silently supported me on this journey which is why I am still in my apartment. I bring this all up because yet another creditor has called/mailed to tell me they are suing me--and I tell them my circumstances and they say I need to make a monthly payment plan--what they fail to realize is--I do make a monthly payment plan except it involves paying my rent, buying food, paper goods and feminine products. I'm so proud to say that physically I am doing much better thanks to my physical therapist and a new doctor who has heard me and helped me the last several months, but I am still only working part time because of several health issues that are as result of my car accident and improper care...what does that mean you ask? It means I am only able to take a couple clients a week (that is 2 for those of you wondering) and a class here or there. That happens only when I feel well enough to not cancel. I do not have the means to work more at this juncture--yet I hope soon I will be able to. This brings me to what I am going to do about this--I could cry, scream, become depressed--I've done that and it doesn't do any good. Instead, I am going to ask you all to help by donating items to the Homeless Shelter I have been collecting for since before Thanksgiving--there is a bin downstairs at the entry of my office. I also ask you to support your local food pantry or mine. I ask that you think before you donate--don't just do the canned goods, whole wheat products---realize there are people like me having to utilize such places that can't have the status quo. We need to help heal the population--not make them sicker because they have the misfortune of having no money. Please know that while I am frustrated today--it helps me to know that I am not choosing to be stuck and depressed--I am choosing love to be the answer. I am hoping this will inspire you all who can afford to help, to help the homeless and the food banks. It can be very scary out there--I know I've lived it. I put that in the past tense because I want to manifest a happy, healthy, abundant future. 

Thank you for listening. Peace and love to you all!

This was out of frustration--I got angry, sad and then I just thought about how we are all struggling on some level. It isn't necessarily obvious--I mean I don't think people look at me and think--she is financially struggling--I try not to focus on it and I try not to go there because I know better--it will keep me stuck.  I just wish that everyone would understand we are all one and not think that we are different from another--we only want be loved and feel safe. ALL that comes at us from different directions that makes us feel unsafe and unloved is why we react in fear.  If we can all come from this standpoint, the world will be a better place and maybe the energies that are dark will learn a thing or two about what it feels like to be safe and loved.   Think about this over the holiday season and do give from your heart in anyway that you can. I find those that have the least tend to give the most. Let's make it the other way around.  Find a homeless shelter to donate to, domestic violence shelter to donate to and/or a food bank near you.  Those little things you give can make a world of difference in someone's life.  Blessings of love to you all...

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