Friday, November 14, 2014

Inspirational Snippet: Removing Negative Self Talk

Good Morning Everyone,

I was working with a client yesterday and we were talking about thoughts we have (or get stuck in) and patterns that we have created in our life . It stems from some false/outdated beliefs that no longer serve us; such as beliefs/expectations that we learned from our family/society/religion/education/government.  Some of which is beneficial for our continual growth and empowerment and much that is a block/hindrance to fully realizing who we are. 

I got to thinking, after my client left, how since my car accident, I've come up against the most difficult obstacles, particularly, with the healing of my physical body. It occurred to me that I need to revisit the removal of negative self talk from my life.  I noticed that because the healing of my body has been slow, I've been really hard on my self partly because I wish I felt better quicker, and partly because others expectations of my recovery.  When I first started my journey several years ago now, I remember, I was trying really hard to be a "good" Catholic, and for Lent that year, I had given up negative self talk because to give up a food item was not really hard for me. (As a child, I would give up ice cream, but it didn't really matter because I didn't really like ice cream. But as an adult to give up negative self talk--now that was a challenge to say the least.)  Oh my goodness, those 40 days were truly transforming, not to mention the opportunities that came my way.  I remember laughing and thinking, "Oh my God.  I was asked out on more dates in that time than I had in the year prior."  That was simply because I started to believe in me and I was surrounded by positive energy.   Of course after those 40 days were up, I fell off the wagon, so to speak.  So that following year, I gave up negative self talk for my New Year's Resolution and really began to see my life change.  From that point forward, I had always been focused on the positive, the ability for miracles to happen, but some of that changed with the car accident as I had been shut down and "grounded" for nearly 2 years.

Living your life is a work in progress, there is no real endgame, there simply is growth and change.  At different points in your life you will find yourself returning to your old tools to move forward or finding new ones.  And, it isn't as simple as saying a positive thought and carrying on; instead, it requires some vigilance on your part: to pay attention to what you are thinking, to break free from limitations you or others set for yourself, to work through the feelings behind the thoughts, to let go of negative relationships and to overcome obstacles that you have put in your way to learn/grow/expand.  It isn't time to beat yourself up or even to tell yourself to shut up when it comes to negative self talk, rather it is time for you to reclaim your power.  You are perfectly capable and in control of changing the way you think and perceive the world around you.  It just takes some practice. The point is that when you begin to pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking, then everything can change and you can begin to manifest the life you want.

With the advent of my discovery of needing to go back to clearing some of the negativity that has been in my way as a result of my car accident, I have decided to go back to "school" and heal those thoughts and release the negativity by way of beginning a 45 day journey to re-framing my mind and setting the real me free.

So my gift and offer to you is to join me on this journey of 45 days to release negativity in your life.  This will take us to year's end where we will close the year by way of letting go of the past and beginning a new year from a transformed, new personal power within us. I am offering two ways for you to enjoy this opportunityFirst, for free you can follow my personal journey of self discovery on my blog at: where I will begin daily posts with updates/experiences I'm having for the next 45 days, beginning Sunday, November 16th to Wednesday, December 31st.  OR you may choose to have messages delivered directly to your email which will include tools for removing negativity in your life, tools for changing your thoughts, tools to refocus yourself, tools for letting go as well as intuitive messages and shares for your journey. The email is more personalized to helping you overcome your obstacles and negative self talk and negative for a small fee of $25.00 click here to buy. The choice is yours and I hope you join in one of the two ways.

With blessings of love,

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