Sunday, November 16, 2014

Inspirational Snippet: You are Unlimited Potential!

Inspirational Snippet: You are Unlimited Potential!

I am getting ready to begin my first day of the 45 Days of Releasing Negativity Email Class. I wanted to share this with you so that you can get a sample of what this class will be like.  If you are interested there is still time to sign and join others wanting to transform their life.  You can sign up until November 30th, but why wait? Start now and begin to see change.  Here is the link to buy the class for $25.00 click here to buy  and be sure to put the address you wish me to use. 

Talking to yourself negatively is one of the most destructive things you can do to yourself.  It often goes unnoticed and yet it can cause a great deal of harm to you, your life and your dreams.  

WELCOME to 45 DAYS to Releasing Negativity

Over the next several weeks, I will be sending out a tip, tool, article, inspiration and more to help you pay attention and become aware of how negative self talk is a silent killer—to your dreams.
This email experience will present perhaps more questions than answers at times, allowing your own process of self-discovery to unfold in its own time. If you come across something that you feel it is silly or you “can’t” do it, I would recommend that you take on the attitude that there is something here for me to learn and if you can’t do it at that moment come back to it later in the day and try again.
Please do not judge yourself; when we practice not judging ourselves we allow our Soul’s Truth to shine and work through us and that is what we really want, right?

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS for this journey are similar to those I offer for every class I teach.
How do I Show Up for Myself?
In essence that means what you put into this experience is what you will get out of it—keep that in mind as we go long. I ask you to be fully present with this experience. By participating fully in this process you can connect with that part of yourself that longs for growth, wisdom and balance! You will have the opportunity to use honest introspection, self-expression and other tools to awaken you from the slumber of negativity surrounding your every day, whether it be due to experiences externally or experiences internally.  What you put into this class is what you get—keep that in mind as we go along.

What do I need to have?
You will need: access to the daily emails, a journal for doing introspective work, and a quiet place to meditate if so choose.  Oh and awareness!  Awareness is key!  Pay attention each day to your thoughts—you may like to keep a journal of all the thoughts you have in a day—the quiet ones that go on in your internal chatter or the ones you slip out in humor.  The acknowledgment of what you will say, see and experience will be profound.  Ooops—one last thing you need to have is Honesty.  Be honest with yourself about what it is going on inside of you—no one need see your journal, but you.

What am I expected to do?
You are expected to read the emails that are sent to you (and perhaps, read my blog at to see that my journey is a constant winding road of ups and downs, ins and outs, lefts and rights—you get the point, creating new habits and change is never easy, but it is even harder to let go of things that we didn’t realize were there or need to change. I will be tracking the next 45 days of my experience to clearing out negativity—boy, I said to everyone I know change is a brewing and get ready), experiment with the tools and just try to expand your awareness of your thoughts and experience, and again, what you put into this experience is what you get out of it.

What can you expect of me?
You can expect a daily email from me highlighting a tool, inspiration, thought, exercise or articles to assist you in releasing negativity in yourself and your everyday life.  You will receive a daily email in your inbox; however, the times may vary depending upon my schedule, my physical well-being and life circumstances so please bear with me as my intention is to post in the morning; however, it may not be the same time every day; and perhaps sometimes it may reach you in the afternoon or evening.  You can also expect a daily blog post at regarding my own journey of 45 days to Releasing Negativity.


The first place to start is always within so that is why one of the primary focuses for this journey is how we think/talk/treat/speak of ourselves.  Negative self talk is one of those things that we often hold dear (perhaps unknowingly), as close to us as the things we love.  Sound scary?  It is—what you may discover over the next several weeks is that your thoughts/beliefs/feelings about yourself/your abilities are so comfortable as they are that they seem near impossible to believe that is what is holding you back.  You may discover (I’d like to say you will discover) that those very beliefs limit you in every aspect of your life. You are unlimited potential!  WHOAAAAAAA--- what does that mean to you?  Did you feel yourself quiver a bit when I wrote that?  Did you feel yourself react to those words?  Let me write that again:  YOU ARE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!    What comes up for you?  Do you hear your thoughts in this moment?  For example (Ya, but… or I believe that, but… or  well, maybe if I didn’t…)  Perhaps journal what feelings/thoughts/reactions come up for you when you hear that phrase.  Really PAY ATTENTION!  That means attune to you in every level: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL  For example: You may feel that somewhere in your body, perhaps your jaw tightens, your stomach drops, your chest feels heavy.  You may have heard yourself say, “No I’m not.” OR “That is ridiculous!” OR “Wow, really?”   You may have felt a sadness coming over you or an excitement.  Whatever you experience is your unique feeling and something that I feel would be worthwhile to capture in your journal.

With love, light and transformation,

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