Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 6 of 45 Day Journey

Good Day!

I have been extremely overwhelmed the last couple of days--experiencing extreme headaches and body is quite overwhelming really.  This is Day 6 of our Journey together.  May you each find balance in your life and change the way things are for the better.  I have to admit for me it has been a bit of a struggle as I have not felt well the last few days—body pain always seems to get me down and it takes extra effort to be present with myself, but as always I am a creation in progress.  Notice I used the word creation, rather than work in progress?  Work signals my brain and the universe that life must be work…I’d rather have life be a creation so I chose words that resonate more deeply in my soul. Besides with creation, there  is always change involved. :)

I am finding that it has been particularly hard to consciously change my thoughts when my body is undergoing pain. (I'm referring to the first day when I was able to walk myself through a belief.) For the record, since my car accident I have been in pain every day of my life; it is just that it has become my new normal.   But when I complain or state that I have been experiencing pain, such as I just did,  it is simply much more difficult or painful than my new normal.  I didn't write the last few days because I have spent so much time at physical therapy, doctor appointments and then I was just too tired to sit upright.  

What I have noticed is that simply because I am not consciously evaluating my life and experiences,
doesn't mean that I don't have revelations; as a matter of fact, I have been noticing that some of my friends are stuck in the same loop of negativity.  They don't see it as such because they are so enmeshed in it.  It didn't occur to me how much of a rut some of them are in, which in essence, keeps me in a similar rut; even if I am trying to change me and my thoughts--if I stay surrounded by people who are not trying to change themselves then I will remain stuck just the same, and it will recycle itself.  WOW!!  Big work ahead for me and perhaps big changes too!   I can't speak for those friends, but I can speak for me--I wish to be in a better place by year's end and next year's beginning so I will roll up my sleeves and start paying attention a little better.

By the way, today's exercise for this class is about grounding.  You cannot expect to change your reality, particularly if you are not grounding your reality to the earth.  Without grounding, your dreams are like a balloon in the sky floating around with the whims of the wind; where as with  grounding, your dreams are anchored right where you are--therefore, manifesting everything there.  

As a special this month, I am offering my Guided Grounding Meditation for $10.00. Next month, the price will be going up to $20.00. This meditation will calm you, balance you and help you to be more present in your life, expand your intuition and begin your journey into meditation. It will help you feel more grounded and centered when performed for a minimum of once per day.  Buy Now  

 In addition, you are invited to join in the journey, 45 Days to Releasing Negativity in your life.  There is still time to join until November 30th.  The email class which provides tools for removing negativity in your life, tools for changing your thoughts, tools to refocus yourself and tools for letting go began on Sunday, November 16th and will end on Wednesday, December 31st.   The small fee click here to buy includes a daily email directly to your inbox as noted above and all previous emails leading up to the day of your purchase.

Catch you on the other side of Negativity---that would be Positive-Life Changing-Dreams Manifested side!

Love EstaRa

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