Monday, October 13, 2014

Being the Divine Expression of Your Soul

Today's Message:  

Your journey started long before you entered this dimension of 3rd density and your journey will carry on long after you leave it.  Before you arrived here and your soul was compacted into a physical body, you had a plan to shine so brightly and love so fully that you would change the world (human consciousness) by being the divine expression of your soul.  But somewhere along the path you started to give in to what was already here, letting go/squashing/pushing away that divine expression that you are.  Why waste one more minute living  (or not living) in a way that has been programmed into you/expected of you/created to keep you closed off from the divine that is in you?  Now is the time to break free from the patterns and programming.   We are in a time when the structures that society has been built upon no longer have a solid foundation.  Everything is malleable and so too are you. Nothing is permanent even the foundation your life is built upon--you can change it/recreate it/develop it.  What are you waiting for?  We are meant to live upon the earth as our soul expression of love, and that is unique unto each and every individual upon the planet; so why strive to be the same?  Be your unique, love-filled self and show the world who you are!  Today, you are given permission from the universe to go for it.~EstaRa

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