Sunday, September 4, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: What is Guilt?

Another amazing quote from Emmanuel's Book II. The Choice for Love. As I read this quote, I felt that this is a must share.

"What is guilt? Guilt is second judgment. It is looking at oneself in hindsight and saying "I really ought not to have done that." "But, my dears, if you really ought not to have done that, you would not have. Know that at the moment of happening, it was all appropriate. If you have learned since that the act was not what you would choose now and you feel guilty, know that the act itself has brought you to this understanding. That was all it was meant to do."

There are many of us raised with the sense of guilt through our families and then reinforced by our religious backgrounds. I saw this quote and really thought I needed to share this with you so that you can breakfree from the pattern of guilt you or a loved one may have established throughout this life. I love the way Emmanuel explains "guilt". Do you realize that what Emmanuel is saying is that if you feel guilt about something it should be the lesson to feel the guilt and then release yourself from the guilt. The point is to hold onto guilt is to keep you stuck. To feel guilty is to remind you of the lesson you learned so that you do not remake that "mistake". It isn't supposed to make you afraid to live. As Emmanuel mentions if you were not supposed to do something then you wouldn't have. Every part of living is an experience to cherish even the "so called mistakes".

My only wish for you is that you remember that if guilt sneaks up on you...what is the reason? Is it to make you feel bad? Or is it simply to remind you of a lesson that you wish learn? It is all in how you choose to perceive it. My wish for you is to not put energy into guilt over the choices you have made. The choices were made because at the moment you made them that is simply what you chose. As Emmanuel says, if you didn't like the choice this will stop you from making it again, but no need to waste energy on feeling guilty. Spend your energy on loving you instead.

In love,

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