Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Your Strength

Good Morning World,

Today is another rainy day in Michigan and I am getting ready to pack up and move from Novi to Canton for the next couple of days before I go off to Hawaii. It has been busy this trip with readings, classes and healings. I began my morning making a cup of Yogi Tea and this is what it says:

Yogi Tea Bag Says: Live in your strength.

I love this message. Of all the work I do and readings I do, I notice that the most important thing that is necessary for people is just that: to live in their strength. But many do not know what their strength is. Often many people identify with other people's ideas of strengths and so they go about living their life trying to attain that particular strength as if it were their own. Each of you has different strength. Your strength is unique to you. For one person it may be their ability to speak their truth and for another it may be their ability to build a fence. Your strength comes in many shapes and sizes. There is no one way to be strong.

My guides have chosen to come through this morning:

Dear ones, your strength is individual to you. That is the beauty of being a human being. Each of you have come to the earth as a piece of the puzzle and each piece is necessary and different. Like a puzzle dear ones the pieces may look alike, seem to fit, but there is only one unique piece for that part of the puzzle. So too are you each--a unique piece to the puzzle. It is necessary for you to find your strength and live it for you are a necessary part of your human world. Your strength, light and being is needed now. We ask you to shine in that strength you have for it is needed particularly now in your earth time and space. The changes that your planet Earth is undergoing requires each of you to step into the truth of who you are. It may seem difficult at times to find it; that is simply because you are looking outside of yourselves, dear ones. Often you compare yourselves to others. We ask you to compare yourselves to who you discover yourselves to be. We suggest you take the time to look within you to discover the beauty of who you are for it will show you the way to your strength. When it is discovered, we ask you to be free to allow the process of living your strength to happen. It requires dedication to your soul's mission. Everyone has a mission and everyone's mission is slightly different even if they look the same, just as we mentioned a puzzle may look the same, but only the correct one fits. So dear ones, remember your piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly for you if you allow it to happen. EstaRa's message is timely for some of you. She has often felt that she is different since childhood, the beauty is that she is different and has learned to live her strength. Her strength is the beauty of who she is. Learn from EstaRa and dare to pave the road as you go rather than to find the one someone else has paved for you. It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. We are The Masters of Light.

My guides offer such beautiful words of wisdom. My wish is that you find within this message the empowerment needed to Live in Your Strength.

In love,

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