Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Yes

Good Rainy day from Michigan,

Here I am sitting in Novi, MI being a little chilled by the rain and getting ready to go out and do some readings this evening. Nothing more exciting than getting a good cup of tea, reading a book and taking a nap. Nap-Check, Book-Check and Tea-Check Now onto the snippet.

This is a simple message for all of you thinkers out there. The ones who plan, plan, plan and then do and then think, think, think about what just transpired. It is for all of you who rehash life to try and understand why. Ever ask the question, WHY? I know I used do and sometimes I get caught up in the trap of WHY...of course now I just wish that was a word that they skipped over in school and I wouldn't have to ask that question again. Sound familiar? Ever satisfied with the answer? Even better, do you really ever get the answer?

From Emmanuel's Book II:
"Dare to believe the universe is simple. A loving YES is the doorway to infinite possibility. You were not meant to understand your life. You were meant to live it. "

This quote unlocks the key to what is not working in your life. Do not think, do not question, do not plan, simply allow. Realize that the universe provides you with numerous opportunities each day to heal, express yourself, fall in love, get caught up in the moment and just live. The things that happen, happen simply because they are what is supposed to. There really is no need to question--why me? Why did he do that? Why did she do that? Why is it this way not that way? It is not necessary to understand why or how some things happen. It is only necessary to experience it.

My wish for you is to take hold of life and truly say yes to the amazing opportunities that are coming your way even if they seem a bit scarey, ridiculous or unbelievable. It is time to say yes to life!

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