Sunday, September 4, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ( I mean Sleeper Train, I mean Heaven )

We just boarded the train. I am with a third of our group of Lightworkers. Our group did split up. A portion of our group took the plane back to Cairo and will be sleeping soundly in a hotel bed tonight. Another part of the group took the "nasty train"--yes some people did opt to go back the way they came. I don't want to think about it so I am going to suggest if you are not sure what the Nasty train is like, I would recommend going back in my blog for that entry. You will then be able to get the picture. I was still surprised that people went back on that train.

And here I am sitting on the sleeper train as we prepare to leave. I just did a shopping spree out on the platform---well no not really. I went grocery shopping so to speak that included 2 chocolate bars, potato chips and water. This is just in case I get a box of bread again for breakfast. I was so worried that the likelihood of me having food in the morning based on the past trip is grim. Bought a ton of water.

Ebron Ra and I are sharing this cabin. And it really is quite the cute cubby hole.

It is tremendously clean in comparison to the Nasty Train. This is more of what I think of as average in America--but it would be considered first class here, perhaps? They have pillows blankets and beds...haven't checked out the potty yet. Will keep you posted. If I could sleep for at least a few hours I will be grateful.

Okay, checked out the bathroom and it is still not what I would consider clean, but it is sooooo much better than the other train. At least when I lifted the toilet seat, it did not fall off and well there was running water. Oh and imagine this we have a sink in out cabin too!! I don't have any complaints really...just looking forward to hitting the pillow...will write you more in the morning.


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