Sunday, September 4, 2011

Morning Has Broken

I see light shining out through my window. I am awake. I lie here in the bed and think to myself I slept on a train. It wasn't bad at all and honestly the movement was really comforting. I think I can travel across country by train or perhaps Europe? Anyway, back to my experience this morning. We've been traveling 10 hours now and ready to get off the train, but here comes breakfast delivered to us.

Oh goody--an orange! And, yep you guessed it--a box of bread again! There is the tiniest piece of cheese you ever did see. Imagine it--make a triangle with your thumb and pointer finger--that is about the size and actually that may even be a bit bigger--thank heavens for the chocolate bar. At least the nuts have some protein.

Our train just stopped, but it is not our stop at least I don't think. I hope someone remembers to tell us it is our stop, we don't have a guide with us. Truthfully, this could be the stop but who would know we don't speak Arabic. hahaha

I just looked out the window and look at this tree--not the best picture, but you can see monkey heads in it. If you look closely, you will see what I mean.

Isn't that interesting?

We got the sign that we are almost there. I have to admit taking the luggage I did was way too much. I think I need to learn to travel lighter or get comfortable in dirty clothes. It is too heavy and yet it isn't heavy at all (not compared to other trips I went on in my past when there wasn't a luggage weight limit!), but after lugging it on a train twice now it is just not something you want to carry with you. Maybe a backpack instead of a suitcase? hahaha Ya right, who am I kidding. If you know me that seems near impossible.

Okay we are deboarding and heading to our hotel in Cairo. Let's see if we really did beat the Nasty Train. My guess is that we did, but who knows our train took longer than they thought. I'll write more later.


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