Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Streets of Cairo

The streets in Cairo are so busy and packed with vehicles---it is like a dusty NYC street. Here is a picture to show you just that.
This is a picture of the bus as we are about to board to go downtown to the Old City of Cairo.
The ride to the church was eventful. While we were driving in the bus, I looked out the window and really saw the chaos of the streets. There was really no lane. People and animals were on the local buses. It reminds me of the scene in the movie Romancing the Stone where Kathleen Turner boards the bus in Colombia. Not a bus I would want to travel on. Not because of the crammed in animals and humans, but because of the bus stops. There aren't any. I mean literally the bus stops in traffic; people board on and off in the middle of the road no real bus stops. The people boarding on and off must navigate through traffic because the traffic is not likely to stop for them. It was a scary sight I must say.

We are here. I took a picture of a sign across the way. I swear if I was here alone I would be totally.
Everything is written in Arabic. It really is quite the beatitful language though.


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