Thursday, June 23, 2016

Energy Thoughts: Timelines Are Now Open

Good Day Everyone,

I have to preface this report with an apology, I have been trying to get this out for three days now and here I am in hopes this will work out well. The Solstice Energy has fully arrived.  Have you felt the relief yet? If not, hang in there--it is coming.  Has anyone else felt completely exhausted?  Yikes--that is why I haven't been able to get this out sooner, that coupled with being busy.  The last few days of being fully in the Solstice Full Moon Energy (Saturday through Tuesday) I started to feel the exhaustion, severe exhaustion--not to mention unusual sleep patterns.  Now the full moon always causes some restlessness or sleeplessness, but this was different.    When I couldn't sleep, thoughts were riding through me like mad--the thoughts were all over the place as if I was tapping into everyone that I am connected to in some way.  Usually when I have trouble sleeping, I don't have any thoughts and wonder why I am awake.  This time I felt lots of reasons to be awake.   During that time as the exhaustion came in full force, it was as if a valve was being released and so too was the pressure and tension.  The last two weeks an incredible amount of tension/emotion was building up.  Anyone feel it?  The emotions flooding in, most recognizable was anger, frustration, fear, but there was also some joy, love and excitement too!  So finally last evening after the immense exhaustion, I felt an opening up of energy and a lightening up.  I woke up this morning refreshed and raring to go, write I mean.  We are in a very malleable stage of this journey right now, with everything being reshaped to fit us right now.I have been feeling a big shift coming in...a reset of sorts...feeling like July might be magic.

So here is what my guides have to say:

The energy of the last several months has placed many beings into a place (read: pressure cooker) (read: forced) clearly which paths are available to them.  For many, the path they have been on is not working, or the path they are on needs adjustments to make it work.  The energy build up prior to the Solstice was to amplify that which needs altering and adjustments for both individuals and the planet.  (read: we are being pushed/forced/kicked to stand up in the direction we wish to go in.)    The exhaustion EstaRa referred to was as a result of many humans continually resisting their soul's truth.  As empathic beings you not only experience the energy of another, but you amplify the energy as well.  (The vision they are showing me is a group of people standing together in a bubble, and when one person in the bubble moves, everyone feels it as a push, tug or ripple.)  The time you are currently in is one of discovery.  As a human you are now entering the opportunity to navigate this new energy which allows movement and change from the new light body that you are donning.  There is much to finish/complete/let go over the next few months as you embark upon your true path.  With the advent of the Solstice Energy a re-balancing of all energies will/has occurred.   It will create an energetic reset  and will put each person in the optimum place for selecting their timeline.  This energy has opened up pathways that have not yet been available, exposing new opportunities and new timelines that will appear as a result of the energetic work and clearing you have personally done and collectively done.  You are the creators. Your earth is no longer maintaining its old structure and grid, instead it is now allowing you to create as you go, dear ones to establish a new structure within her.  We wish for you to create consciously and collectively for the good of all upon your planet.   We ask you to recognize your power as creators. You are choosing your timeline by way of the choices you are making in each and every moment of your existence on this planet in the NOW time. --The Arcturian Masters of Light

What does all that mean? 

Well, if you notice we are in a completely different place than where we were last summer.   Stop for a moment and think about what life was like 3, 6, 9, 12 months ago.  Life is different, eh?  Far different or just subtly different?  I know for myself, the energy has opened up more to new possibilities, but boy was it a bumpy ride over the last year at times.   That ride was courtesy of all the healing/clearing work I have done on myself.  Waves of emotions that reverberate back and forth between me and my twinflame and just learning to navigate in this new lightbody and energy.  (Side note:  Yes, I have done more twinflame work in the past year than I ever dreamed I would be doing--that is where my journey took me. Think about where your journey took you through the last year.)  Last year around this time, I channeled some information from my guides about the collapsing of timelines as well as the opening of new ones and closing of old ones. You can view them here:

 Clearing Soul Lineage Part 1
Choosing Your Timeline Part 2

How far have you come since last summer?   Take a look at where you are now?  Do you recognize how  how some timelines have closed for you completely? I know for myself I closed a lot of timelines, released a lot of the past in many ways I have not thought I would nor realized I had to. Click here for a good example, particularly with regard to Twinflames.

Back to the energy at hand, this solstice energy has opened up new timelines that were not accessible before now.  All that you went through (read: suffered through) over the past year particularly is what has led you up to this point.  Look back once again to 3, 6, 9, 12 months ago, take a deep breath and take in where you were then and where you are now, and I don't mean geographically. (smiling)  Notice how different the thoughts may be that are coming in?  Notice how different the choices are that you have been/are making?  Do those choices look more different than you thought they would?  Are you noticing you are moving in a new direction or a more focused direction? 

We as a planet and her inhabitants are completely different than we were a year ago. There is massive transmutation and change occurring within and around each of us as well as within and around the planet  on a daily basis.  The upheavals as horrible as they may be are literally a voice for change/healing/transmutation to occur.

Dear ones, over the last several earth years, a process began to unfold upon your planet.  At first it was not visible because few noticed what was transpiring and few channeled of it.  EstaRa has channeled about this time several earth years ago. (I recall the first time I channeled about this time was 10 years ago, and all this time leading up, I was wondering when I would see it and if it was real information.)  The process we speak of dear ones, is the process of deconstruction of the physical reality of the earth. (read: old paradigm) You dear human are in the grips of the literal breaking down, tearing open of your earth systems.  (read: destruction of the societal, political, financial systems,etc.)   We understand dear ones that during this phase of transformation, the earth appears to be a place of anything, but peace and balance. We wish to inform you that everything is in divine and perfect order. Everything that is happening has been agreed upon and created collectively by the inhabitants of the planet in a higher dimensional state. It is up to each of you to forge the way forward and you choose how that will appear.  Your DNA is encoded for this time on earth to awaken the aspects of you that are most needed to take action at this time.    Some of the inhabitants on your planet are not dealing well with the sudden, constant change and transformation occurring, and have therefore chosen to no longer remain in this vibrational frequency. This earth evolution has been coming for a long time. (read: some have not awakened yet and have continued to buy into the programming that has been at play on our planet)  As the planet and her inhabitants continue to resonate with the vibration of love, peace, harmony and truth, several of the old timelines of destruction will disappear. (read: big shift, reset...wait for it, wait for it...a timeline jump if you will.) Many timeline potentials have already disappeared while new timeline potentials have begun to appear.~The Arcturian Masters of Light

We are all children of the earth and we are all bestowed with the same gifts. The only difference is that some of us remember that we are powerful, love-filled beings while others have forgotten who we are and why we are here. This auspicious time on the planet is making way for ALL to REMEMBER. Allow this energy to penetrate your illusions and shine the remembrance of your soul's light and truth upon you. The following days will unlock the door to your newer Mars Retrograde begins to loosen its grip June 29th as it begins to move direct.  The new timelines are now open and ready for you to remember.  The time has come for you to steer in the way of your soul's truth, really we don't have much of a choice.  The universe and all the planetary shifts over the last several months has made it abundantly clear that it will do what it must to reveal your inner God/Goddess at all costs.

It is so.


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