Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Inspirational Snippet: See Your Truth

Inspirational Snippet:  See Your Truth

I was prompted by my guides to share a message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it.

“Everyone has the ability to see beyond the human eye, but not everyone chooses to access it. There has never been a better time to truly see. Dear ones to truly see means seeing the truth in you and the world around you. Are you ready to see with clearer eyes? We want you to know that you can now.” ~Arcturian Masters of Light

Everyone often wonders, how can I access my intuition?  How can I develop it?  EstaRa I want to be like you or be you. (I do appreciate that many people see value in me and my work; however, please do not choose to be me, do not want to be me...please choose to be a more aware, healed version of you—that is what I did.)

The quickest easiest way to access your intuition and maintain that is to work on yourself.  Looking at the message above. See your truth.  Not the truth that you wish to share with the world because it is good or makes you look good.  See the truth in you that many do not know, and really, get real with yourself.  It is time to look at all the untruths you have been living and seek to understand why?  Seek to know what makes you tick, so to speak.  I promise you that it is worth the journey.  Believe me, I didn't wake up one day and say, wow I am psychic.  Like you I came to Earth knowing that I was special, but growing up and being bombarded by other people's ideas of what is good, true and acceptable shut me down.  The one thing that really helped me to wake up was to look at my life and get serious about changing it.  I needed to truly look at me naked in the mirror of life to see all of me, and understand why I was holding onto the lessons, choosing to not learn them, or even more choosing to not see them.  For starters, I had to see that I have/had the responsibility for what I bring into my life, and it is/was my responsibility to change my life.  Once I was able to see me fully and my life more clearly, I was then able to see what I wasn't able to see before: everything is changeable.  I encourage you to look inside yourself before you try helping others on their journey because I promise you really see you and your life more clearly; then your ability to see beyond the human eye becomes more open and vibrant. This is is what starts to really develop your intuition and "sight" to help others.

It may seem mystical , magical and unattainable to develop your gift of intuition, but dear ones it is a gift that each and every one of you have.  The magic is when you stop listening to the world outside, bombarding you with ideas of what is good, true and acceptable; and you start listening to the voice inside of you instead.  Unfortunately during this time, there are many people jumping on the bandwagon of the new age—it is cool to be psychic or a healer (and many ego-based people think oooh there is money in it –not true if you are really called to do your work—yes you live abundantly, but it isn’t the money that makes you abundant, it is the discernment you learn and gift of truth that you see.

My wish for you today is to see your truth.

Love to you,

Twinflame Sidenote:  The more you see yourself--the more your twin can see him/herself.  Part of the journey of a twinflame is to see each other, but we must see ourselves first to allow our other half to see themselves.   Just as we need to see lessons, heal, take responsibility for our choices so too do our twinflames.  What better way to help them than to do it ourselves. 

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