Thursday, June 9, 2016

Channeled Message: Philadelphia

Channeled through EstaRa May 5, 2012 in Hotel Room in Philadelphia, PA.  This is the first time this channel has been released in full.  

By now many of you should know that I support and have supported Bernie Sanders for President now since September.  If you go back to some of my earlier posts, search for Lightworkers for Bernie, you will understand why and how I came to this.  With that being said, there is a Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia in July.  My intention is to go to Philadelphia in support of Bernie Sanders, but also as a Representative of the Light.

Back in 2012, I was guided on a mission to travel to Philadelphia.  The only clear instructions I received was to be there on 5.5.12 (555)  and I was guided the whole trip from three days before I left (with little to no sleep) until I returned home after  the journey was complete. You can read more about my journey in 2012 in this blog, search the posts under Philadelphia.   Recently, I was guided to look up my channel from 5.5.12 in the afternoon and it took me days to find, buried in my documents folder to understand why that trip, mission was so important in 2012.  It occurred to me that the work we performed in Philadelphia (again some of the specifics are below, but the other blogposts will give you more details), has a direct correlation to what is happening now/today in our government, and why a Bernie Presidency is possible!  The light has been preparing this path for sometime, truly long before my mission in 2012, but wow I love this!   I am giving you this little background to understand the channeling I am about to share below.  At the time of this mission, I was guided not to make this channel public. I have now been given the go ahead to share. It is also laying the foundation for what work I will be coordinating, performing with the assistance of other lightworkers in July.  The energy is already starting to pour in.  Hope you can feel it too.

Okay onto, the channel:

Greetings Dear Ones, 

We gather you together in this location for a journey far greater than you are aware.  The details are of little importance to you as your only requirement is to be. Be love.  Be light and Believe in the greater possibilities of your soul’s mission.  

We ask that you remain clear and present in the moment as you move through this city known as brotherly love.  The mission that brings you to Philadelphia will assist in transforming  your earth in a greater way than you can humanly understand, but we will give you this information: the country that you are in was created to be a new world for many; however, in the creation much was lost.  This world was to be a place where anything can happen and dreams could be made possible; however, as you have surely seen much in your new world was created haphazardly by way of creators not remaining in their heart, but rather in their head from egoic concern.  The decisions were believed to be based in fairness, but dear ones in your human time period upon creation of your United States, love was not the motivator.  Love for the earth you live upon, love for the life you create, love for one another is the key to changing the way in which the world evolves.  As we often say to you all eyes are upon earth, the truth dear ones in your world is that all eyes are upon your United States for this is a creation of the rest of the world.  That is why it was called the new world upon discovering the land here.  This new world was to be created by the people of the time who wished to change the direction in which the rest of the world was going; however,  along the way the intention was no longer pure and it was lost.  Therefore you have created from your heads rather than your hearts. 

The mission to spread love must be taken very seriously as everyone on this planet needs to awaken to their inner path which is one of love.   

Tonight your mission is to bring your energy of love to the land here in Philadelphia.  It is not by accident that you are here on this auspicious human calendar day.  You will have access to the energy that is much needed for the many people who will walk upon the areas that you do.  Your energy  of love will have a direct impact on those walking the steps you will have walked, but those people will receive the love from your footsteps and carry that love back to the places they spend most of their time.  We ask you to view it as a simple, drop, pick up, carry on and drop mission.  Hence we show you at this moment EstaRa in your higher dimensional view. (There is an image of us walking and laying the foundation with lights, codes and necessary energy and it is left behind to lay in the foundation for each person to pick up as they walk by.  So it is as if we are dropping light and then someone comes along and picks up their necessary piece through their feet and up into their body to light a part of them that will be carried back to the areas/locations they need to go and drop a piece of that light there while allowing the remainder of that light within them to activate. It is a really cool image.)

We ask you to remain clear in this moment and see how much your love and joy impact the earth around you.  We ask you to anchor your love here in the hotel as it will affect the energies of people coming and going over periods of time.  As you sleep more energy will be anchored through your physical body into the rooms you are staying in.  You will then prepare your bodies throughout the night to perform the work you will do tomorrow. 

Do we have enough people on this mission, you ask?  Dear one, realize that you are meant to be three and were meant to be three from the very beginning.  It is the pyramid of light--the triangle power that we have shared with you previously.  You have several assisting you to make up the energy that you feel you lack, but know dear one the appropriate energy is being channeled through each of you.  You EstaRa are the anchoring point of the pyramid and carrying most of the energy which is why we required much of you on this journey.  Your mission is two fold—clearing of your energy in preparation of the final human merge with your twinflame and bringing the code keys necessary to light up this land that you call Philadelphia.  We ask that you stay love centered in all that you do over the next 24 hours particularly.  

You are a triangle of love and if you are understanding of the free mason energy you will understand that you are truly mean to be an open triangle for receiving and depositing energy.  The free mason energy is an open triangle, but dear one it is a triangle.  You are liberating more than you know for this period in your human history.  We will speak more to this later.

And so it is. 

EstaRa & The Galactic Federation of Light


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