Monday, June 29, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Part I Clearing Your Soul Lineage

Hello Everyone,

Last week was a long, long week and I have been trying to get this information out since the Solstice, but it has taken me a lot longer than I thought necessary to integrate this energy and to write it up.  I have been stating to my friends in recent weeks that I feel like I have lived at least a year in one week's worth of human time.  I am finally realizing part of the reason I feel this way is because my physical body/reality is finally beginning to catch up to the spiritual reality I have been evolving/evolved into.  If you know anything of my journey the past couple of years--you will understand what I mean about my physical reality/body trying to catch up to major energetic advancements.  Can you say exhaustion? I can and been feeling it.  Oh well--good news there is catch up to do and my body is beginning to do it!   Onto the energy update and channel...

Welcome to days after the Solstice and major downloading from the Great Central Sun.  We've been reeling from just coming off Mercury Retrograde and then smacked with major solar flares! Oy they have been whacking us all upside the head trying to flush out (read: hammer out) the old ways.  Do you feel pummeled? It was quite the major rush of energy to move us forward. I can't even believe  it was a week ago--it literally feels like months have gone by since the Solstice.  So much information came in that this report will likely be in 2 posts.  So what happened?

"Dear Ones, we have been speaking to you for some "time" now regarding the timelines and the idea of them collapsing upon one another.  In the recent human years, your time has shifted and has been altered in several ways.  The alteration has allowed you to perceive that the time you live in has moved forward faster. Dearest EstaRa, has often taught about how much faster the time is moving.  It is not so much that time is moving faster, but with 3D limited perception and interpretation of information EstaRa received it was easier to allow the belief that time is speeding up.  It is more appropriate to say that the earth's vibration has accelerated.  Therefore, those upon the earth have accelerated in their vibration as well.  The vibration or as some wish to say frequency is much faster as you evolve upon the planet.  Each human's perception varies upon where they are in their ascension process.  Though, no human is left untouched with regard to the acceleration of time." (What this means is that even if someone is unaware, of all this energy shifting/the other dimesions,  they are definitely aware that time appears to be moving faster.)~Arcturian Masters of Light. 

"Now that you are able to understand that the vibration/frequency of the earth is moving faster, therefore, you are as well. Everything in your reality is accelerated.  It is allowing for you to experience the transmutations faster and the collapsing of timelines much more quickly than in the past.  Timelines, dear ones, there are various potentials and various lines of existence that each of you have experienced as a member of this planetary system that you are part of. When referring to the timelines collapsing, in this instance, we are referring to the various experiences (read: lifetimes--past, present and future) you have been incarnated on this earth.  All of those variables have been collapsing upon each other and pressing down into your current 3D reality.  The energetic space between those experiences or as EstaRa likes to refer to them for the sake of this explanation, lifetimes has been becoming more narrow over the recent years." ~The Arcturian Masters of Light (This is perhaps why some of you feel more compelled to know/learn more about your past lives than you once did. It also accounts for why some of you have started to believe in past lives and are beginning to want to know more.)

"The compression of timelines has fully transpired over the last few earth months. Have you noticed the earth's awakening process?  Dearest Gaia is releasing the build up of that compression.  (Everything is rising to the surface.  The earth changes they are referring to is the volcanic and earthquake activity.  The earth is literally exploding, emptying the build up of billions of years of existence--unearthing the gunk (read: crap that it has willingly absorbed from humanity.  Those of you who remember your "past lives", think about the many times you have been here and all the issues that transpired during those timelines not multiply that by humanity.  In essence dear ones, you and your Earth are experiencing all timelines. Gaia's reaction of physical earth changes is that which is similar to internal transformation that each human is going through at this time.  It may not be evident in your human day to day, but internally there is unprecedented shifting taking place in each human and every now and then they will release this compression. Dear ones,  we encourage you to pay attention to that which is transpiring in your life at this time. You will recognize an extraordinary amount of memories from this lifetime, previous lifetimes and various relationships in both surfacing for your review. (Read: earth school lessons for review.)That is because humans learn and experience life through their relationships  It is through relationships that you grow and evolve upon this planet. You are literally walking every timeline that has been or will be on this planet. Each experience carries with it lessons and power, review those experiences for further clarity in order to create in this new energy. You have all you need within you to choose your reality, in your understanding, we will say timeline.  " ~Arcturian Masters of Light 

Looking for more clarity? I know I sure am! hahaha  So I will do my best to explain what all this means. We have the greatest opportunities right here in front of us because everything is available to us from all directions of time and space!  We are literally walking all timelines right now on this planet. Imagine every experience from every lifetime good, bad and indifferent surrounding you (read: infiltrating your every day) and showing you the same lesson(s) in many different ways--ways in which you didn't think you'd  have to go back there again, but another layer is coming up for you to clear. That is what is happening to you presently: perhaps explains why you are exhausted/frustrated/angry/tired and why you are taking action on things that you have let fall along the wayside and where your voice is coming from. (Note that not only are the lessons coming back, so too is your power from those previous incarnations too!)  All this needs to happen to clear out distortions from you so that you choose the most appropriate timeline for your reality.  Huh, you ask? 
The visual I am getting is that every timeline is (crunched/smushed/compressed together) underfoot and as you walk, they remain and each and every step (read: choice) you make either brings a timeline closer or further away.   You have the potential to do/be/experience anything you want.  You have the ultimate "magic" to choose the timeline you wish to be in/on.  I don't mean you can say "I choose 1874 as my timeline"--it doesn't work that way.   It works by how you live and the choices you make: what you say/think/do/choose/act.  The steps, you are taking now in your life and the choices you make, are creating your reality.  Literally, everything you do matters.  Over the last several years, we have been clearing out our baggage.  (Read: lifetimes of karma which include trauma, drama, emotions, etc.)  There is literally layers of it in your energy field --it keeps coming up for clearing--all of it affects you--your choices, your thinking your speaking etc.

 Remember dear ones, you have all the timelines crunched together so you are literally clearing for all of those lifetimes too. You are clearing for your soul lineage. What if you didn't clear? Then your creation would be distorted.  Your emotions fuel everything!  For example if you say "I choose peace today", but underneath/behind that you are "angry at (fill in the blank)"; well, peace isn't what you are projecting into your reality and therefore your creations and reality will reflect the "angry" not the "peace".  It is important to align with your soul's truth at this time to assist you in this process of clearing and creating.~The Arcturian Masters of Light.

The most important thing is to align and stay in your soul's truth as much as you can; it is not easy to stay there because you will bump up against other people's truth--not everyone's journey is like yours.  As you move forward on this path, the choices you make are how you are selecting the timeline you will /wish to be on.  I've been performing Energy Body Upgrades and Alignments once again which are designed for helping you to be more in alignment with your soul's truth and highest good for your life plan.  Your highest good is always in alignment with your soul's journey. It is what your soul knows.  It will always make appropriate choices for you.  If you would like more information about them, please feel free to contact me.

This is the end of part one of my channel and energy update.  Stay tuned, there is definitely more to come.

In love and light,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©


  1. I really enjoyed part one of your channeling and energy update. It certainly seems like time is moving very quickly. Thank you for your time to enlighten me, and others who appreciate your input.

    1. I appreciate your feedback--I wonder somethimes who is out there "listening" blessings to you!