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Energy Thoughts: Part II Choosing Your Timeline

Hello Dear Ones,

I left off with half my "Energy Thoughts" done and half the channel done. I wasn't kidding in the last message that I was downloaded with so much information and that it took a long time for it to integrate into me.  (By the way--it is still integrating.)  So this is the continuation of the last message.  Yes, imagine if you will if I included this all in one email, you would never forgive me for keeping you on the computer reading. hahaha. 

Just a quick apology about the length--It is A LOT to read, but it is really worthwhile!!  Imagine me typing for 4 hours straight.

Quick Recap:  Powerful download from the Great Central Sun, Solar Flares, Collapsing of Timelines, Clearing, Clearing, Clearing, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah oh and Creation and Power too.  For more info on previous post, click here.....

Let's pick up where we left off  with the last bit of channeled message....

 Remember dear ones, you have all the timelines crunched together so you are literally clearing for all of those lifetimes too. You are clearing for your soul lineage. What if you didn't clear? Then your creation would be distorted.  Your emotions fuel everything!  For example if you say "I choose peace today", but underneath/behind that you are "angry at (fill in the blank)"; well, peace isn't what you are projecting into your reality and therefore your creations and reality will reflect the "angry" not the "peace".  It is important to align with your soul's truth at this time to assist you in this process of clearing and creating.~The Arcturian Masters of Light. 

Okay so let's talk about emotions.  Those are the marvelous and not so marvelous things that we feel day to day.  The things that we have never really been taught about how to do them.  We have never been shown that the rainbow of emotions from anger, sadness frustration to joy, excitement, happiness, and all those in between and around are a normal part of the human existence. It is the natural indicator for you to navigate your life choices/decisions/experiences.  However, having not been taught that those feelings are normal and having lived in a society when everything has been suppressed that is not deemed acceptable, the confusion sets in, and well many of us get stuck (read: trapped) in the emotions. I often refer to this as the "spiral of hell"--believe me when you begin to really understand, you too, will refer to it as well!  I'm sure some of you know what I mean.  And those of you who have been with me a long time, will remember my phrase "You must feel to heal"?  I used to say it all the time until Vaseline Intensive Care stole it and began using it as their slogan. hahaha Seriously though, we are meant to feel, as that is the only way through the emotions, but even more than that, it is an honor to feel.  Other dimensions do not get to experience what we do!  If we look at our emotions, feel them and learn to understand what the message is,  then we can use them simply as ways to navigate our reality--therefore, we are able to create our reality to look the way we would like it to.   Ahhh--the tool that has been kept a secret for a very long time. Hmm...stop for a moment and really think about that.

"Dear ones, you are in/on/experiencing the new earth, do you feel it?   You keep looking for old ways to do things--waiting for things to show up, but guess what dear ones, the things you are waiting for are already here!   Perhaps you didn't know where to look for them or how to look for them, but the first thing  you must know is that everything you have or will so desire is already here and happening.  Your reality has always been of your creation, dear ones, but,  the tools to create it as such have been hidden from you.  It wasn't until now in recent earth's history that you have been capable of receiving the energetic coding  to create due to the massive out pour of light upon your planet. You beautiful human beings have decided that the old ways of living no longer serve, but only a few; so you are invoking your highest selves to create from the various dimensions of existence in your human earth 3D Reality to select the most appropriate timeline of your soul's expression of truth.  EstaRa, just a took a moment to reread the sentence we just channeled through her.  Yes, you have been working in higher dimensions to anchor into your 3D/5D reality what it is you each wish to experience going forward. The difference is that now you will continue to do so from a co-creative role with your multi-dimensional self in your day to day reality that wasn't available to you, due to the constraints of 3D living upon your planet.  Over the last several earth years, several of you have been awakening and experiencing the tremendous shifts to your mental and emotional bodies along with the clearings, do you know that which we speak of ?  In the more recent earth years, many of you are beginning or have been anchoring those shifts and changes into your physical bodies as well as physical realities.  This is what is propelling your earth along on her ascension.  With this knowledge, it is important for you to understand that the power you hold with in you is what matters most.   The understanding of what is transpiring is beyond human comprehension; however dear ones, please note that the magnitude of change is the greatest your planet has ever endured with human embodiment."  ~The Arcturian Masters of Light

Now, there are some of you who think that just simply thinking positive or doing affirmations is enough to create the world you want, but if you read the words above again, it will help you understand.  Let me copy them here:  For example if you say "I choose peace today", but underneath/behind that you are "angry at (fill in the blank)"; well, peace isn't what you are projecting into your reality and therefore your creations and reality will reflect the "angry" not the "peace".  Many new age marketing schemes promote that you need to "act as if".  (I call them schemes because they give you partial information perhaps that is all they have to offer to you, or they don't believe they need to clear up their karma and energetic field; either way it is not sufficient in this new energy.) Well, when people tell you to act as if, they are both right and wrong at the same time.  To "act as if" if there isn't real truth or belief behind it is what gets people stuck/blocked, or they get to move forward and then stuck/blocked again. Does this sound familiar?
You can't act as if you have emotional/mental/karmic baggage because it will interfere with your manifesting/creation abilities; therefore, you manifest in distortion.  This is what my guides are referring to when they suggest that you perform clearing.

They want you to clear the karma, clear the emotions, pain, suffering, etc.  How? Well as the timelines continue to press upon you, the emotions will surface (and you know they will), it is not meant for you to jump into the boat and sink in that "spiral of hell" because what you are experiencing at that moment is not necessarily what you think you are experiencing. The energy is compounded with that of all (read again: ALL) your timelines sharing the same or similar lessons, along with the "stuff/gunk/ick" (to name a few) of other humans going through similar clearing. (Remember the last channel, The Arcturian Masters of Light said "no one is untouched". )  This is a time where all lessons are amplified to help you (read: force you) to face and heal through your karma. (read: clear, clear, clear what no longer serves you!)   As stuff emerges/shows up/stomps on you/knocks on your door, it is important to look at it, (it could be emotions/feelings/frustrations/patterns/relationships/etc) and determine what it is you are being shown. To process the information, you acknowledge what it is, accept it (read: feel) and determine if it is something you want to keep or let it go.    By the way, when I am speaking about Karma, I am often referring to the bad ick of it, but the truth is there is good karma too.  As the energy continues to unearth (remember the earth captures all of the "stuff" from each and every timeline) through activities such as volcanoes, earthquakes--more "stuff" with surface for you to process.

Let's go back to what we started with in Part I, Timelines.  The process above describes how you consciously choose your timeline through clearing your soul lineage. Huh? Every choice you make brings you closer to one timeline over another.  In essence, you decide if you want something to be part of you or not.  It doesn't mean you are getting rid of everything it means you are choosing to let things fall away that are not in alignment with your soul's truth.  That is how you choose your timeline, every statement you make, every thought you think every feeling you feel. -- it is a form of conscious co-creation.   Let's step back for one moment, if we do not clear the feelings, particularly the unacknowledged feelings, they take over and then the co-creation will be distorted.  It is more about you being quite present with yourself, your truth and your mission on the planet.   This is is how you ultimately choose your timeline.  Once you actively take part in co-creating your life by the choices/actions/beliefs you take, the other timelines will begin to drop away.

With the advent of the Solstice, you have been downloading new light codes for your multidimensional bodies as well as new potentialities; thereby allowing you to access all that you have desired for yourselves and your earth mother.  Through the light code transmissions you have been receiving, there are energetic keys to unlock codes within you as well as codes in the locations that you are presently living in.  This will assist you and the earth during the transition years. The clearings that have occurred over the last several years will continue dear ones. We ask you to see them more as opportunities to grow rather than the painful, losses that some of you feel.  We understand dear ones that consciously creating your life is such a great responsibility, one you are not used to; it is how it was always been meant to be.  
We honor your journey for we know it is not easy and we honor you for that.   You have chosen to incarnate at these times to assist humanity with its great shift and the earth in her great transformation by enabling the process of clearing karma that has long held your planet in a holding pattern.  Dear ones as you move through these clearings and the process of choosing your timelines, know that you are not only clearing, but you are accessing and calling back your power from those various timelines as well. You are now being given the tools to create a new world, one with vast opportunities and expansion. Now you are stepping back into who you were meant to become. It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.~The Arcturian Masters of Light

Some final thoughts for you.

This process of clearing, choosing, accepting, creating will remain an intensive schooling over the next three years as 2018 is a key year in the new earth space.  Be willing to look deep down inside yourself and your situations to the point where you are able to feel your feelings and not allow yourself to get trapped by them.  For when you get stuck within the feelings/emotions you not only prevent your growth and evolution, but you keep yourself from manifesting what you truly desire. 

We have the greatest potential now to be and do anything we want.  We are in this ultimate new beginning phase of creation and the tools are being provided to us with the help of the starbeings.  I have been told by a couple of friends, astrologers and my guides that July 16, the next new moon, is like a reset button will be pushed.  My guides explain that it is an opportunity to clear out some of those timelines (not all) that include stuff that you have clearly moved away from.  If you are curious as to what it is you are clearing away, take note where your attention is drawn away from.  Use these next few years to identify what it is you need/want for you, what is you wish to experience on this journey and what the earth looks/feels/is like, that you would like to live upon.

It is important to align and stay in your soul's truth as much as you can; it is not easy to stay there because you will bump up against other people's truth--not everyone's journey is like yours.  As you move forward on this path, the choices you make are how you are selecting the timeline you will /wish to be on.  I've been performing Energy Body Upgrades and Alignments once again which are designed for helping you to be more in alignment with your soul's truth and highest good for your life plan.  Your highest good is always in alignment with your soul's journey. It is what your soul knows.  It will always make appropriate choices for you.   (If you would like more information about them, please feel free to contact me.)

Hope all you beautiful light beings are experiencing much love and a brief encounter with calm.  I say brief because there is literally so much happening it is anything, but calm.

With love and light to you all,
EstaRa April

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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