Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Energy Thoughts: Avoidance is Futile

Have you noticed the last couple of months, the universe, your spirit nudging you in a direction that perhaps you were not planning on? Many have been blindly following outdated beliefs, patterns, ancestral karma that has kept them stuck going in one direction as if that was all that was possible. These same people have struggled to stay the path because that is what they believed they were supposed to do, but in recent months the energy has opened in an unexpected way for some. Twinflames, read the time has come for the opportunity to meet, connect and/or reunite with your beloved.

As this energy continues to bubble up to the surface, you will have an unique opportunity to see more clearly what your truth is if you can let yourself get past the anger/frustration/fear. Those have been the great motivators of the past and old paradigm, but in this new energy the real currency is in love and truth! If you notice much truth is/has been revealed over recent months and will continue to be revealed both personally and globally. Your heart has been longing to give you answers and you have been able to avoid the call for sometime, but avoidance like resistance is futile in this energy--this energy is here to break down all the barriers you have to love and truth. It will keep pushing upon you until you surrender to it. It is time to identify why you stayed stuck for so long and release that for good. It is possible. This Solstice Energy is coming in and when we are on the other side of it, the flood of light and love pouring through this planet and every living being will be fast and furious, as it opens up all the pathways you have been nudged upon.

We encourage you to be open. We encourage you to feel: cry/scream/tantrum to get that energy moved up and out--that is the only way to make this energy coming in smooth. If you think it is not spiritual to cry/scream/tantrum/yell/curse, then my dear ones, you have been suppressed from the very parts of you that would like to express themselves. This planet has the opportunity to share many facets of the human experience with you, and to not allow yourself to experience it is another way in which you will have chosen old programming of suppression. WE encourage you to explore your feelings, expand your wisdom, but most of all feel your way through to the other side. Humans only get stuck in emotion when they do not allow themselves to fully express or feel it. When you allow yourself to surrender to the feelings/emotions, then you release them. It is time to surrender to the parts of you that are writhing to express themselves.

Once over the hurdle of this Solstice energy, a great deal of energy will have been transmuted and released for all of humanity and a path will open up wider than before, but we know you will not necessarily see it this way dear ones, until long after it has been done. We are with you supporting and loving you on this journey. You are not alone. We love, honor and respect you.

We are the Arcturian Masters of Light.

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