Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nurture those (Twinflame) Dreams

Happy Sunday and Happy June!!

It is quite the energy shift, can you feel it?  With Friday's Energy, I immediately felt a bit of a relief from the hefty energy of transmutation. This morning I woke up feeling good and welcoming the rain (we are expecting in CT) that just started to downpour in the last few minutes--it is quite magical.  Almost a purification of sorts as we enter fully into this new moon energy.  I am feeling the rain here is reflective of nurturing our plants for future growth and harvest--it is symbolic of our manifestations and desires. This new moon brings great energy for change and transformation; it provides an opportunity to nurture those dreams. With the solstice coming in a couple weeks, there will be a wiping the slate clean which will roll out a new pathway for clarity. Get ready I see big things coming in--and yes that means more Twinflames Awakened, more Twinflames coming together and more LOVE coming to GAIA.

I just uploaded a New Moon Reading for Twinflames.   Check it out below:

Love and Blessings, EstaRa

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