Friday, October 5, 2012

Twinflame Journey: Messages

So, I am working on keeping faith and the universe is definitely assisting me.  There hasn't been a clear rhythm with regard to my conversations with Twin; however, I did talk to him briefly a couple more times this week and he is so much more consciously aware when he is talking to me...I love how much he is growing...and for most his steps seem like baby steps to reunion; but to me, they are big leaps of faith he is taking.  I've been praying for assistance to keep the faith and stay in what I know to be true and my friend I spoke with last night said she often picks a card from one of her Angel Decks so I thought this morning, I shall do that too..I picked one and the card was: DIVINE TIMING.  Now if I listen to the little voice in my heart --it is telling me that everything is happening and aligning because the time is almost here.  If I get listening to my head I can easily negate I am going with my heart. 

I asked Spirit to help me keep the faith and boy is that happening... and well here are some things that happened yesterday...

It was simple, but just what I needed!   I just have to share this with you...   Well , for the first time in probably several months that I have decided to go online and pick a card from this website someone had referred me to long ago and I can't believe it, but the song that played from the website is How Deep is Your Love from the Bee Gees and if you remember that is our song (mine and my twin's--well he doesn't totally know humanly--but etherically he does).  What a way to start my day with this song (haven't heard it in a long time other than having it as his ringtone on my phone which would mean he has to call me unblocked for me to hear it---It used to hurt to hear so I stopped listening to it) and oh here is the message....

"Stop worrying - everything will work out fine for you".

Then last night, before I went to bed I picked one final card from inner child tarot cards)...this is what I pulled:

What does Spirit want me to know?

Two of Hearts

Sacred union and attraction in the feeling realm are personified by the mermaid and merman in this card. A rainbow connects and balances them. Two dolphins representing the intelligence of the universe leap over the rainbow in unison and joy. According to classical myth, the dolphin was placed among the stars as the constellation Delphinius because it played the role of matchmaker, merging the sea goddess Amphitrite with Poseidon. This card can symbolize either two people sharing love or two aspects of a person striving for unity and wholeness. Therefore, marriage, in all its forms, is associated with this card.

It is from this place of divine union that we encounter balance and integrity in the polarity of the sexes. Two in any suit attracts the potential to regulate duality. You may be sharing your heart with another at this time, one whom you feel to be a beloved mate. This spiritual partner could be an actual lover, a friend, or a higher awakening. As you meditate on the deeper meanings of this card, remember that your own heart can be a rainbow bridge of living color and light, linking you to the source of the Divine Child within and helping you heal old wounds in the heart of a loved one. 


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